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Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Service delivers books and journal articles not held by the HKMU Library. Items can be obtained from both local and overseas sources to support study, research and teaching of the academic and administrative equivalent staff, postgraduate and project-based undergraduate students.

About ILL Service
1.  Can I use the ILL Service?
This service is available to HKMU full time academic and administrative equivalent staff, postgraduate course students and project-based undergraduate students (see eligible undergraduate courses).
2.  What materials can I request?
The ILL Service handles requests for items that are not held in the library collections. They can be books, journal articles and conference papers. Reference materials, rare books, and journals are usually excluded.
3.  Do I have to pay for ILL Service? 
User CategoriesLocal SourcesOverseas Sources (Photocopies of Articles/ Book Loans)Maximum Quotas each time
Staff – FT Academic & Administrative Equivalent
Photocopies of Articles: Free
Book Loans: Free
Postgraduate Students
Photocopies of Articles: HK$0.5 per page
Subject to lending library’s policy8
Book Loans: Free
Undergraduate Project-Based Students (see eligible undergraduate courses)
Photocopies of Articles: HK$0.5 per page
Subject to lending library’s policy5
Book Loans: Free
** Charges may vary among supplying sources. They also have the right to change and finalize the charges. Users can consult with the ILL staff before submitting requests.
4.  How to submit my request?
  1. Check our LibSearch first to make sure the item is not in our collection.
  2. Login to “ILL Service” with your HKMU User ID and Single Password.
  3. Complete the request form; all fields marked with * must be filled.
  4. Press “Submit” button.
5.  How to check the status of my request?
  1. Login to your Borrower Record with HKMU User ID and Single Password.
  2. Click the “Requests” tab to display a list of all your requested items along with their current status.
Request Received
The Library has just received the request.
Request Received with Comments
The Library has just received the request including the source of information or your comments.
In Process
The Library has started processing.
Library has this material
The request is rejected as the item is available in the Library.
Order Sent
The request is sent to a library in HK or overseas for processing.
Available for pick Up
The item is available in the Library for you to collect.
Already picked up
The item has been picked up by you.
Request for Renewal
You request to renew the item. The Library is checking the feasibility of renewing the item with the source library.
Item Renewed
The item has been renewed.
Renewal Rejected
The item cannot be renewed.
The due date of the item has been advanced as it is urgently recalled by the source library.
Report for item loss is acknowledged. You are expected to settle the replacement cost, handling or other charges levied by the source library.
The item has been found damaged. You are expected to settle the replacement cost, handling or other charges levied by the source library.
Request for Cancellation
You want to cancel the request. The Library is contacting the source library.

6.  How long does it take to fulfill my request?

Response time is completely dependent on the turnaround time of the supplying library. Normally it takes 9.5 working days to receive most materials. Items requested from overseas may take longer.

7.  Will I be notified?

For staff, photocopies will be sent to user together with a declaration form by inter-departmental mail. The user is required to sign and return the declaration form and acknowledgement of the receipt. An email message will be sent advising that item is available for collection at Library Service Counter.

Staff who are stationing at LiPACE and NEO offices can request the items to be delivered to your office directly via FMO. Please go to “Book Loan Service for HKMU Staff in LiPACE and NEO offices – Interlibrary loan items delivery” for details.

For students, a notification will be sent to your HKMU email account advising that the request item is available for collection at the Library Service Counter.

8.  Must I return the loan?… Can I renew the loan?

The loans should be returned to Library Service Counter on or before the due date, otherwise, overdue fines may be imposed. If recall notice is received from lending libraries for return of items before the due date, users have to return the recalled item to the Library by the new due date as specified on the recall notice.
Prompt return is important for the continuation of our business with lending libraries.
Renewals can be made with the consent of the lending libraries. Users are advised to contact our ILL staff at 2768-6765 three days before the due date.Photocopies are not required to return.

9.  Copyright and others

All ILL requests must comply with the Copyright Ordinance of Hong Kong. The Library reserves the right to reject those requests that do not comply with the HKMU ILL policy.
Items obtained through ILL cannot be placed on Reserve Collection.

10. Contacts

Please feel free to contact ILL staff in the Library, or by: