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About University Wi-Fi

HKMU provides Wi-Fi service in all HKMU campuses including Main Campus, Jockey Club Campus, Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, Kwai Hing Campus and HKMU-CITA Campus. Wi-Fi covers all major locations including staff offices, classrooms, student activity zones and public areas. Students, alumni or guests can connect their wireless devices to campus network and internet through Wi-Fi connections.


SSID (service set identifier) is used to identify the Wi-Fi network. Designated SSIDs are setup to identify various Wi-Fi networks. You have to choose correct SSID in order to use corresponding Wi-Fi service(including Wireless Printing).  The SSIDs are listed below:

SSIDLocationsAllowed UsersEncryption
HKMUHKMU campusStaff/Tutor/Active student/AlumniWPA2
HKMU-GuestHKMU campusGuestsNil
Wi-Fi.HK via HKMUHKMU campusGuestsNil
eduroamLocal and overseas universities – eduroamMember InstitutionsStaff / Tutors; Active StudentsWPA2
Universities via CSLPublic areas – CSLWi-Fi hotspotsStaff / Tutors; Full-time StudentsWPA2
Universities via Y5ZONEPublic areas – Y5ZonehotspotsStaff / Tutors; Active StudentsWPA2


Connect University WiFi

The configuration guide for mobile device is shown as below:




For Students, please log in to learn more: