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Guide to using MyHKMU for Students and Alumni

Click here to see the guildlines of the original MyHKMU.


MyHKMU is a portal that serves as your single entry point for all of the University’s online services and content. MyHKMU enables you to:

    1. access all of the University’s online services including the Student Administration System, Open Learning Environment and E-Library by logging in just once;
    2. personalize the content and appearance of your page to make it easy to access the content and services that you use most often;
    3. use this channel to communicate with the University and vice versa for important and personalized messages.


To log in to MyHKMU, enter your Password and Username in the “Login to MyHKMU” at students / alumni website.


All eligible students only need to log in MyHKMU and click the link in My Programme to enter the new version of MyHKMU. The new version of MyHKMU provides a simple and refreshing user interface for easy browsing, and adds the following new features:

The homepage provides 4 commonly used information:

  • Class Schedule — Upcoming class schedules
  • Learning Activity — Current term assessment result
  • Quick Links — Self-configured application links
  • Student Announcements — University announcements

Pull-down menu of links to frequently used applications

Personalized Favorite applications links from “Add New” under “Quick Links”

Personalized sequence of Information Channels through “Settings” > “Edit Layout”

You could always switch back to original MyHKMU by clicking “Classic View”. To secure your personal information, please be reminded to logout MyHKMU and close the browser completely after use.


From time to time, MyHKMU improves our services by providing new pagelet to our users. If you see any new pagelet in that page, you are allowed to add them into your portal.

Inside MyHKMU, there are other pagelets that we have not included in this guide. You are free to subscribe to them or remove them any time as you like. For example, those for the Online Learning Environment and Electronic Library

Frequently Asked Questions – MyHKMU

A list of Frequently Asked Question is being updated from time to time.