About RIBiLT - Mission & Objectives

教育及语文学院 About RIBiLT - Introduction About RIBiLT - Mission & Objectives
The mission of the Institute (RIBiLT) is to deliver cross-disciplinary research in education and language that supports bilingual learning and teaching of Hong Kong.

RIBiLT is dedicated to forwarding the institute research development of the School of Education and Languages at the OUHK; fostering and extending the research capability of academics in the discipline of bilingual learning and teaching; and facilitating research output and development of good practices for bilingual education in Hong Kong schools.
  • To advocate research topics associated with the unique bi-literate and tri-lingual situation as well as relevant pedagogic issues in Hong Kong;
  • To formulate potential research plans for the academics in E&L with assistance from the invited Distinguished Professors affiliated with top-tier institutions in related areas of expertise;
  • To organize workshops, seminars and conferences for academics and relevant participants to gain insights into the latest development in the field and create synergy with the development of potential research themes and projects;
  • To send academic staff to key overseas institutions with proven related research track records for academic exchange and collaborations.

部门: 教育及语文学院 ( el@ouhk.edu.hk )