School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture People
Director Dr. LEUNG Mo Ling Rebecca
Members Dr. LEE Lok Man
(In the order of the number of Dr. YU Xuying
strokes in surnames) Dr. TONG Tsz Ben Benson
Dr. CHAN Kar Yue Kelly
Mr. MAK Shing Fung Vincent
Dr. TSANG Chi Chung Gary
Dr. WONG Chi Hung
Ms. LAU Man Ying Janet
Dr. LAU Chi Sum Garfield
Dr. LAI Chi Fu William
Dr. LAW Tsin Fung Angela
Manager Ms. WONG Ching Man Joyce
Executive Officer Ms. YEUNG Wing Sze Virginia
Assistants Ms. WONG Shuk Ming Mabel
(In the order of the number of Ms. LAU Ka Yee Fiamma
strokes in surnames) Ms. KUNG Sin Yi Carys