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School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities Call for Papers
Based on the huge success of the previous conferences, the Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH) will continue to organize conferences to promote the sharing of interdisciplinary research ideas and the dissemination of research findings in digital culture and humanities. In 2017, the two conferences, one in digital humanities and the other in digital culture, will address related issues in the changing landscape and new research possibilities in digital culture and digital humanities. The conferences will serve as a platform to enhance and encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative research and knowledge exchange leading to pedagogical advancement and academic publication.
Conference on Digital Culture 2017:
Digital Art, Design and Advertising
The emergence of digital culture, imaging and design has changed and challenged audiences’ modes of seeing, thinking and experiencing digital art and advertising experiences. With the theme of “Digital Art, Design and Advertising”, this conference aims to provide a platform for exchanging fresh ideas and novel insights on both theoretical and empirical issues about digital advertising and marketing, digital art and media, transmedia production, mobile technology and communication, consumption and presumption, participatory culture, social and interactive media, immersive experience, and so forth. The conference will bring the scholars and industry practitioners to share and discuss the changing practices of digital media and advertising production, as well as digital media strategy and planning in the rise of digital culture heading to the new directions and challenges of digital advertising and media communication in the global media markets.
The Conference on Digital Culture 2017 will address topics including (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • Art and design in the digital era
  • AR, VR and MR for experienced culture and economy
  • Digital advertising and marketing
  • Digital communication through graphic and visual design
  • Digital media strategy and planning for the new generation
  • An immersive experience by digital art, design and advertising
  • Interactive media, mobile apps and game design for branding and publicity
  • Realism, surrealism and hyperrealism by digital representations
  • The impacts of digital culture and media technology on design and advertising media
  • Transmedia culture and interactive communication
Conference on Digital Humanities 2017:   
Digitization of the Humanities and New Ways of Teaching
With the rise of the digital era, more and more data are being collected, produced, organized and disseminated in bits and bytes. This digitization process brings new dimensions and fresh approaches to the humanities, inspiring innovation in research and teaching and drawing attention to the cross-cutting concerns and discussions of technologies’ impact on society in the twenty-first century. With the theme of “Digitization of the Humanities and New Ways of Teaching”, this conference aims at looking into how new concepts of the humanities arising from digitization can help to create new possibilities in research, teaching and learning:
The Conference on Digital Humanities 2017 will address topics including (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • Copyright, freedom and protection of information in the digital age
  • Data source and usage in digital scholarship
  • Digital and information literacy
  • Digital archives, historical collections, and cultural memory
  • Digital resources and research in the humanities
  • Digitization of learning content and learning environments
  • New ways of teaching, assessment and evaluation in the digital era
  • Ubiquitous media, digital networks and the radical change in the public sphere
  • Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and digital game-based learning
  • Digitization and cultural institutions
Dates of the conferences
1 – 3 June 2017 (Thursday – Saturday)
Languages of presentation
English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Application and Dates
6 March 2017              Deadline for submission of abstract
7 April 2017                Notification of acceptance
8 May 2017                 Paper submission
1 – 3 June 2017           Conferences 2017
Paper Submission Information
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