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Motivated by the rapid increase in housing demand and the population of older adults worldwide, this book volume Housing and ageing policies in Chinese and Global contexts: Trends, development, and policy issues provides an interdisciplinary and multi-level approach for studying housing and ageing issues and relevant policy analysis in China, and beyond. Specifically, it highlights how the changing social, economic, and political factors at both local and global levels affect the housing or ageing experiences of people.

Drawing on findings and theoretical discussions in economics, history, psychology, sociology, social policy, and urban studies, the authors offer interdisciplinary perspectives on a highly topical debate, asking what progress is being made on the formulation and implementation of housing and ageing policies in different societies. The book brings together original qualitative and quantitative research works in European, Asia-Pacific and Chinese context.

Readers will benefit from the results of a rigorous analysis of data and case studies that reveal factors affecting housing or ageing experiences of people in these regions. The interdisciplinary research also provides valuable insights on further policy analyses and formulation in both local and global contexts. It is of interest to scholars, policy makers and university students in the fields of housing, ageing, and social and public policy.

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