Book Publications by Members of RIDCH

School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Book Publications by Members of RIDCH
Book Publications by Members of RIDCH
English Book Publications  
Digital Humanities and New Ways of Teaching 
Volume editor: Dr Anna Wing-bo Tso
Description: As digital culture has exerted heavy influence on the humanities, it will affect the way humanities subjects are being conceived in the university curriculum. This book will focus on the educational implications of digital humanities, study how the introduction of digital technology may critique and revolutionize the curriculum of the humanities, and explore the critical discourse that accompany the advent of digital humanities.
Reconceptualization of the Humanities in the Digital Age 
Volume editor: Dr Kaby Wing-sze Kung
Description: Digitization has transformed the ways humanities subjects are conceived. This volume will look into new forms of representation that change our perception and interpretation of the humanities. It will cover topics such as texts and visuality, sight/site and sense, and how literature, history and culture are redefined in spatialized relations in the digital age.
Digital Media and Technologies: New Art Forms and New Media Spectacles 
Volume editor: Dr Sunny Sui-kwong Lam 
Description: The wide use of digital technology facilitates the birth of new art forms and social media, which in turn have produced far-reaching implications for changing media ownership and its role in the political economy. This volume strives to investigate the digitization of art and media within the dynamics of participatory culture, and how these changes affect the power relations between production and consumption of the new forms.
Chinese Book Publications
《博物館的變與不變:香港和其他地區的經驗》(Changes of Museums: Experiences of Hong Kong and Nearby Places)
Editor-in-chief: Ms Janet Lau
Co-Editors: Dr Rebecca Leung, Mr Walter Wong
Editors: Prof Kwok-kan Tam, Dr Rebecca Leung, Dr Wong Chi Hung
Publisher: Showwe Information Co. Ltd. (秀威資訊科技股份有限公司)