Award Recipients

Alumni Distinguished Alumni Award 2024 Award Recipients

Award Recipients 2024

Mr Jet CHOU Sai-kit

Founder of Jet Chou Chess Academy
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities, 2008

Mr Jet Chou Sai-kit obtained a Bachelor's degree of Arts in Chinese Humanities at HKMU in 2008 and is currently the Vice President of HKMU Alumni Association. He is a renowned Chinese chess player and is dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese chess. He won the Hong Kong Chess Individual Championship twice in 2007 and 2013 respectively and gained the title of Hong Kong Chess Grandmaster. In 2008, he also won a bronze medal at the World Mind Sports Games, becoming the first Hong Kong player to win an award in this international competition.

Mr Chou was the first Hong Kong chess player to be selected as the awardee of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2020 and has been the Executive Committee Member of The Outstanding Young Persons' Association since 2021. In recent years, he volunteered to teach chess at Small Group Homes and he got invited by the Correctional Services Department to assist in instilling correct values to the prisoners through playing Chinese Chess. He is dedicated to nurturing young chess players, and some of his students have represented Hong Kong in the world competitions and won the medals. In 2021, he founded a chess academy to pass on his experience to the younger generation and contribute to the development of chess in Hong Kong.

Mr Oscar LEE Ka-chun

Advanced Practice Nurse (Special Duty) at Hospital Authority and Part-time Lecturer of HKMU
Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care, 2015

Mr Oscar Lee Ka-chun, a Registered Nurse (Psychiatric), completed his Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care in 2015 at HKMU. Throughout his career life, Mr Lee has steadfastly committed to advancing and improving nursing practices and patient care. He developed the New Case Booking System within the Psychogeriatric Outpatient Clinic to revolutionise the logistics of patient care, which boosted patient satisfaction levels and operational efficiency. Additionally, Mr Lee initiated collaborations with HKMU in developing an online educational programme to address behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia management in nursing home settings, which improved the syndromes and treatment modalities on a broad scale, furthering the adoption of evidence-based practice in mental health care.

Besides his professional and academic roles, Mr Lee has shown an unwavering commitment to community service. He has volunteered with the Hong Kong Red Cross for over 20 years, participating in numerous humanitarian activities and health education initiatives. His volunteer efforts have garnered multiple awards, such as Voluntary Service Award (2,500 hours) from Hong Kong Red Cross and Hong Kong Volunteer Award Individual Award from the Agency for Volunteer Service. He will continue his efforts in research and education to contribute to the healthcare community.

Mr LEUNG Kwok-shing

Executive Director of Hok Yau Club
Bachelor of General Studies, 2019

Mr Leung Kwok-shing graduated with a Bachelor's degree in General Studies at HKMU in 2019. He is the current President of the HKMU Alumni Association and the first and only person to have been awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Hong Kong Outstanding Volunteer Award, Hong Kong Humanity Award, and the Youth DreamMakers Award. He is a former member of the Hong Kong Men’s Basketball Team. He served as a coach for the A1 Division team and the Hong Kong team after retiring from the basketball team and was awarded the Community Coach Recognition Award by the Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards.

Mr Leung established the charity “Hoops for Hope Basketball Asia” and built a platform via basketball to provide volunteer basketball teaching services for grassroots and children’s homes, as well as academic and further education support. In addition to participating in volunteer work, Mr Leung also served as the Chairman of The Outstanding Young Persons' Association, the Secretary of the Hong Kong Volunteer Awardees Society, and a member and advisor to more than 10 organisations.

Aside from his identity as an athlete, Mr Leung also served as a primary school teacher for nearly 20 years. In recent years, he actively participated in compiling positive education courses and received the 3rd Outstanding Teaching Award for Moral Education and Szeto Wah Good Teacher Award in 2019.

Mr Leung is currently the Executive Director of the Hok Yau Club, actively promoting further education counseling, career planning, and holistic development services, aiming to provide the most suitable support and services for students, accompanying students and helping them achieve their dreams.

The Hon Edmund WONG Chun-sek

Member of Legislative Council (Functional Constituency – Accountancy) &
Practising Director of Patrick Wong CPA Limited
Master of Corporate Governance, 2017
Master of Business Administration, 2016

The Hon Edmund Wong Chun-Sek is a practising accountant and a Legislative Council Member of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and is experienced in accounting, taxation and auditing. In 2012, he joined Patrick Wong C.P.A. Limited as an audit partner. He was awarded Master of Business Administration and Master of Corporate Governance by HKMU in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Mr Wong was actively involved in the promotion and development of Hong Kong's accounting profession. Over the years, he has actively served the profession in different aspects, promoting its healthy development and growth. He also devoted tremendous efforts to nurturing the next generation by participating in professional training , and sharing knowledge with various professional organisations.

Soon after being elected, Mr Wong actively voiced his opinions and made recommendations both inside and outside the Council through media and various channels on issues such as promoting the development of accounting profession, addressing challenges faced by the profession, revitalising Hong Kong's capital market and advancing Hong Kong’s economy. Mr Wong is passionate about life-saving work. He actively educates and promotes first-aid skills and knowledge to the public to build a better and safer community.

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