Orientation Training for Tutors

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Orientation Training for Tutors

New tutors are required to participate in:
  • “Tutor Orientation and Training” (TOT); and
  • “Online Teaching Skillls and Strategies” (OTSS) courses.

Tutor Orientation and Training (TOT)

The TOT consists of two parts:

ATraining sessions:

Participants are required to attend School-based and Course-based trainings.

The first session will be held on 24 August 2024 (Saturday) via ZOOM.

Arrangement for subsequent sessions will be informed separately by the Course Coordinator.

BSelf-study course materials:
 Please access the materials below.

Online Teaching Skills and Strategies (OTSS)

OTSS consists of two parts:

AZOOM meeting:
 Participants are required to attend the meeting on 24 August 2024 (Saturday). Kindly note that an HKMU account is required to access the ZOOM meeting.
BOnline modules:

Complete 3 modules within 4 weeks via the OLE between 2 September and 27 September 2024.

Please access the OTSS from your OLE 
→ My courses → Online Teaching Skills and Strategies

 Online Learning Environment (OLE) Enquiry
Telephone: (852) 2768 6454
Email: olemaster@hkmu.edu.hk

Note: OTSS is only available for new tutors and nominated teaching staff. If the teaching staff are interested in attending the OTSS modules, they need to consult their Schools.  

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