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Study at HKMU means you will learn industry knowledge, develop new skills and explore interesting fields through our professional and versatile curriculum as well as abundant multi-faceted experiential learning opportunities. At HKMU, we are empowering individuals to innovate and invest for a better future.


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Programmes Meeting Society's Needs

HKMU always keeps a finger on the pulse of society's needs. We continue to review, update and enhance our programmes to include the latest knowledge and skills required by you and future employers, and we offer these at various levels through our seven schools focusing on distinct disciplines and areas of expertise.  

Professional Recognition

HKMU's programmes are recognized locally and internationally.  Our creative arts programmes have won a deserved reputation as an impressive training ground for young talent. Graduates of our business programmes are granted exemptions from qualifying examinations at all major local and international business professional bodies, while those of education and language studies are granted full qualification as language teacher. We produce qualified practitioners in nursing and physiotherapy, and our science and technology programmes have been tailored to industry requirements and are accredited by professional bodies.

Internships and Early Industry Engagement

We have 2,000 – 3,000 local and overseas internships for our undergraduate students every year.  Among the internship options are two tailor-made programmes in Vietnam and Shanghai launched in collaboration with the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council and Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Association respectively. Other example is our Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration's partnership with the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners to provide internships for students of the Hospitality Management programme.

Cross-cultural Immersion

We organize a wide selection of overseas exchanges and study tours to furnish students with the opportunities to live and learn with people from various cultural backgrounds. Some opportunities are open to all while some are for students of specific Schools or programmes. For example, School of Education and Languages has arranged its students to take the summer English Language and Cultural Immersion Porgramme at the University of Warwick.  Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration has launched for all its full-time undergraduate students a compulsory Global Immersion Programme, under which short placements at prestigious universities in countries such as the UK, the US, Australia and Japan for study and sightseeing are arranged.

Opportunities to Participate in Competitions

Another spur for encouraging students to broaden their horizons, build self-confidence and gain practical understanding of their areas of interest is competitions. We support students in competing at local, regional and international levels, enabling them to demonstrate their brilliance in different areas of learning, from academia to sports.

Entrepreneurship Development

Our Student Affairs Office runs MetroChallenge, a university-wide programme, to unleash students' creativity, cultivate their entrepreneurial skills and help them translate innovative ideas into viable operations for profit-making and for social good. The programme is linked to a business proposal competition which grants seed money and incubation support to winning teams.

State-of-the-Art Learning Facilities

New and innovative technology are constantly applied at HKMU to further raise the quality of teaching provided to students. In the Schools, facilities are of state-of-the-art standards, with AI-enabled computers set up for business and computing courses, advanced equipment set up at language laboratory, creative arts studios, virtual reality (VR) facilities installed for teaching social sciences and conducting science experiments, and a host of VR, simulation and other high-tech laboratories and facilities at the Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare for nursing and healthcare programmes.

Vibrant Student Life and Campus

HKMU strives to create a harmonious and vibrant campus environment for students and staff. Over the years, we have undertaken significant campus expansion. Apart from the facilities in the Main Campus and Jockey Club Campus, the new campus, HKMU Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, provides students with amenities like academic concourse, learning commons, open terrace, multi-purpose fitness room, multi-purpose combat sports room, social sport studios, VR sports learning laboratory for them to fully enjoy their campus life.

Testimonials From Employers

At HKMU, we care about our students’ progress and our
Student Affairs Office reaches out to collect feedback from employers. Our students and graduates are highly praised by our employers. Please see what employees say about our students.

Students' Learning Experience

HKMU provides various opportunities to cater for students' needs outside the classroom, which helps us broaden our horizons and equips us to face challenges in the future.