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HKMU provides various opportunities to cater for students’ needs outside the classroom, which helps us broaden our horizons and equips us to face challenges in the future.
State-of-the art learning facilities and equipment, as well as amenities, are available on our three HKMU campuses to enhance students' learning experience and to enrich their campus life.
“Thanks to our school, I was granted the internship opportunity in Shanghai where I could be immersed in a real-life workplace environment and apply my knowledge into practice. The invaluable opportunity turned out to be a practical working experience.”
Kwok Tsz Chun, Kevin
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Advertising and Media Design
“Our Business School lecturers are more than caring. They not only paid attention to students' academic development, but also cared for us like friends.”
Chan Hiu Tung, Yo Yo
Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Intelligence and Analytics Student
“The School encouraged us to gain more public speaking experience by participating in competitions. With targeted training guidance, I was able to think quickly and speak confidently.”
Chan Tuen Lai, Adrian
Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours
“These interactive teaching methods allow me to put knowledge into practice and reinforce the concepts that I have learned.”
Au Ka Wai, Nicole
Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care
“The School always encourages us to take part in competitions and to enroll in overseas internships. I managed to apply knowledge from class along with previous experience. I even managed to earn a job offer before graduation because of this experience!”
Lai Tit Hung, Jackson
Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology
HKMU collaborated with the Xiqu Centre earlier to organize the "Cantonese Opera Culture: Appreciation and Experience" General Education course to allow students from different majors to experience and appreciate the art of Cantonese Opera.