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“I was surprised that the interns were able to take the challenging conditions in their stride and performed well at work. Meanwhile, they all shared a positive work attitude and demonstrated a willingness to take on assignments that went beyond their duties of departmental assistants. The interns also showed a high degree of practicality and flexibility at work, and were fast learners. I am also encouraged to see that many of the interns have good proficiency in English and Putonghua, and got along well with our employees in Vietnam, many of whom are native Vietnamese. This show they are open-minded and willing to hear the point of view of people from different cultures.”
EVA Precision Industrial Holdings Limited
“We recruited four interns and gave them exposure to operations and management at our factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Overall, the interns’ performance were much better than we had expected. I’m deeply appreciative of the interns’ learning capabilities and their ability to quickly establish team spirit. They swiftly adapted to our corporate culture. They demonstrated a high level of engagement with their work, and often took the initiative in asking for more tasks once they had completed their assignments.”
Paul TAI
Regional Director (Far East)
Mainetti Group
“Overall, their performance did more than meet my expectations. First of all, they were passionate about learning and were keen to achieve personal growth through their experience in the workplace. They accomplished whatever tasks I assigned with speed and efficiency and, if necessary, were always ready to go the extra mile. I was particularly impressed by the fact that they included exhaustive details in their proposed marketing strategy for the Hong Kong market and made a very persuasive case.”
KIM Jonghun
The interns were always courteous and respectful to their colleagues. They were conscientious, met their deadlines, and some even put in extra hours to get assignments done on time. This showed a sense of responsibility, and they were also proactive in asking questions. In fact, their performance was so outstanding that they made many of us change our impressions about the “Post 2000 generation”. In general, the interns established great relationships with their supervisors and colleagues who are mainland Chinese and Vietnamese.”
General Manager
Operation Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited
“In the six weeks the intern spent at our facility, he performed his duties with thoughtfulness and showed the ability to follow through. He often sought out opportunities to help and didn’t hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. He worked well with his fellow intern and with staff in and outside his assigned department. He was also very thorough in completing assignments or explaining the current status, and took extra steps to make sure a project was complete.”
Gloria E. MESSAM
Fund Development Specialist
Jamaica YMCA, YMCA of Greater New York