Deferment of Studies

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Deferment of Studies

If you wish to defer your studies, you should submit an application through the Deferment of Studies/Withdrawal function by the stipulated deadline of the deferment term as prescribed in the academic calendar. You will be required to provide proper supporting documents.

Deferment of studies will only be considered under very special circumstances substantiated by satisfactory documentary evidence. The following grounds can be considered as a basis for deferment of studies:

  • Illness or medical emergency
    • For applications on medical ground, students should submit medicate certificate(s) indicating the illness, as well as the unfitness to study and the affected period. The affected period should be the basis in applying deferment of studies in academic term(s). You may download and use the template of Doctor’s Recommendation.
  • Family crisis or other special circumstances which constitute compassionate grounds.

Students are not required to apply for deferment of studies in the following circumstances:

  • If you have to continue your studies beyond the normative study period (N) and within maximum period of study (N+2). For example, to retake failed course(s) or enroll in incomplete course(s), you should apply to add the course(s) during respective application periods.
  • You encountered special circumstances leading to late submission of assignments of specific course(s), and such circumstances are not affecting your ability to continue your studies in the remaining period of the term. You should consult your teachers for consideration.
  • You encountered special circumstances leading to absence from examination(s), and such circumstances are not affecting your ability to continue your studies in the remaining period of the term. You may submit Application for Examination Deferment to Examination and Assessment Team of the Registry, if such special circumstances are acceptable for the application.

If you have applied for deferment of studies, you should continue with your studies and attend classes and assessment until formal approval is given by the University. Approval of an application for deferment of studies shall be granted at the University’s discretion. Upon approval, deferment of studies shall cover all the courses which you are enrolled in the term or year concerned. The maximum period allowed for deferment of studies is normally one year.

The maximum period of study (N+2) of a student includes any deferred terms. A student must complete all graduation requirements of his/her programme within this maximum period of study.