Welcome Message

Professor Ricky KWOK Yu-kwong
 Vice President (Students and Support) 

By the time you graduate, we are confident that you will value the virtues of fairness, integrity, perseverance and innovation, which are the University’s core values.  Along your academic journey and goals-searching, in addition to seeking academic support from your programme and home School, keep in mind that Student Affairs Office is committed to enriching your university journey.

Welcome to HKMU

Campus Life Induction is an orientation to all newly admitted HKMU undergraduate students provided by Student Affairs Office (SAO). It is designed to acquaint you with campus, academic environment, and the resources available to enable your success.

What Fun Orientation Activities Can I Join?

17 - 18 AUGUST 2022

Join us in our brilliant activities, where we will meet – specifically for YOU – what this means for us.

Don’t miss your chance to get involved in the U-life!

What Resources are Available for My U-life?
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