Residence Tutor Programme

Student Affairs Office Leadership Development Residence Tutor Programme

Residence Tutor Programme 2023/24 (2nd Round)

Are you passionate to serve your fellow students?
Are you ready for the exciting experience as our Residence Tutors?

The Residence Tutor (RT) Programme aims at recruiting committed and passionate  students to assist in serving the HKMU Off-campus Accommodations (OCA).

  1. To serve as a role model for fellow residents and uphold the values and regulations of OCA
  2. To guide and provide care for residents, especially those who are new to Hong Kong, and foster a sense of community within OCA and the University
  3. To assist SAO in maintaining orderly operations and handling disciplinary and emergency cases in OCA
  4. To organize residential life activities to enhance integration among residents
  5. To establish a positive living and learning environment
RT-led Residential Life Activities


Personal Growth


Make Friends

Event Management


  1. Current full-time undergraduate non-local students residing in OCA in AY 2023/24
  2. Mature, outgoing and capable of promoting balanced lifestyle among residents in the University and OCA
  3. Excellent communication skills including English, Cantonese and Putonghua
  4. Excellent interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills


  1. Good academic performance with CGPA of 2.8 or above at the time of application
  2. Extensive experience in student residence
  3. Extensive experience in non-academic activities, e.g. leadership programmes, internship, study tour, etc.