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Projects funded since 2014
YearUnitPrincipal InvestigatorTitle
2021A&SSDr Terence SHUM Chun TatTowards a multicultural active ageing policy: A qualitative study of quality of life among South Asian older adults in Hong Kong8
2021N&HSDr LIU Tai WaImpacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of people in Hong Kong: psychological responses, health-related quality of life and subjective well-being1
2021S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungMonitoring of the impact of the upgrade project of the Yuen Long Wastewater Treatment Works on the antibiotics concentration and the microbial community in the Shan Pui River and the Mai Po Nature Reserve (Phase 1 – Baseline establishment)10
2021S&TDr Michael LO Hoi ShingMonitoring the seasonal distribution and levels of microplastics in Mai Po Natural Reserve10
2020A&SSDr Kelly CHAN Kar YueLiterary reception and translation of Cantonese Opera from the pedagogical perspective3
2020A&SSDr Venus CHAN Wing ManAcquisition of translation technology skills through blended learning12
2020A&SSDr Venus CHAN Wing ManVR MALL: Developing learners’ interpreting and public speaking skills via a virtual reality app3
2020A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingThe social exclusion of elder drug users in Hong Kong1
2020A&SSDr Amy CHEUNG Ho NamMultidimensional Depression Assessment Scale (MDAS) across ethnic groups: A study of measurement invariance and network modelling1
2020A&SSDr Amy CHEUNG Ho NamSelf-compassion in adolescents across cultures - Validation of Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) and Self-compassion Scale for Youth in Hong Kong, China and UK adolescents2
2020A&SSDr LAW Lok YinMonograph Series on ICH of Hong Kong “Hong Kong ICH in the Natural and Cultural Settings of Lingnan”9
2020A&SSDr LAW Lok YinMore than Heritage: Heritage Tourism and its Narratives in Hong Kong2
2020A&SSDr LAW Lok YinSurvey and Research for Enriching the “ICH Inventory of Hong Kong”9
2020A&SSDr Christine LO Man ChiA Study of City Magazine and Hong Kong Literature (1976-1999)2
2020B&ADr Subramanya Prasad CHANDRASHEKARAn integrated map of asymmetries between self-perception and social perception3
2020B&ADr Canice KWAN Man ChingPain of trashing and its impacts on future purchases3
2020E&LDr Cherry LAM Chit YuAn exploratory study of yes-no questions in Cantonese and Mandarin: inventory and functions3
2020E&LDr Jessie WONG Ming SinAdmitting Ethnic Minority Kindergarteners: Overcoming Challenges and Identifying Opportunities11
2020E&LDr Hinny WONG Hin YeeThe impact of school language input on Hong Kong bilingual preschoolers’ language development3
2020N&HSDr Chad CHAN Wing NgaPhysical activity participation in community-dwelling spinal cord injury survivors2
2020N&HSMs Karen CHEUNG Ka ManCorrelational study of Chinese Medicine body constitution and work-related stress level among nurses in Hong Kong13
2020N&HSDr Sandy CHOI Pin PinDevelopment of a "competency model" and an "assessment tool" for first-line nurse managers: A mixed methods study12
2020N&HSDr LI Mei KuenDepressive symptoms and the associated factors among the older people living in residential care home in Hong Kong1
2020N&HSProfessor William TSANG Wai NamCognitive & physical functions profile assessment in community-dwelling older adults12
2020N&HSProfessor William TSANG Wai NamFalls prevention through exercise and cognitive training among community-dwelling older adults with mild cognitive impairment12
2020N&HSProfessor William TSANG Wai NamLongitudinal study of dual-tasking performance among community-dwelling older adults12
2020N&HSProfessor William TSANG Wai NamThe effectiveness of robotic exoskeleton on sensori-motor performance in subjects with spinal cord injury: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study12
2020N&HSDr Timothy YAM Tsz TingThe effect of percussive therapy on gait kinematics, kinetics and performance in healthy individuals2
2020N&HSMs Agnes YIP Wing KiTo say goodbye: A card game to facilitate advance care planning discussion13
2020S&TDr CHEN JianlinA biomicrofluidics for monitoring metabolic activity in anaerobic co-digestion of food waste/sewage sludge10
2020S&TDr Patrick CHEN XiExploring the potential of net-zero consumption high-rise buildings with hybrid renewable energy and storage applications2
2020S&TDr John CHUI Kwok TaiDeveloping efficient algorithms for data heterogeneity and labeling in electricity load disaggregation3
2020S&TDr FARID Muhammad UsmanNanobubble-Assisted Forward Osmosis System for Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment and Reuse2
2020S&TDr FU YaruOn the Design of High-effectiveness Edge Caching for Future Generations of Wireless Cellular Networks2
2020S&TDr Henry LEUNG Man FaiCollaborative Neurodynamic Approaches to Sparse Optimization2
2020S&TDr Jimmy LI Chi HoAn Empirical Study on a Mixed Reality Training Platform for Property and Building Service Management12
2020S&TDr Jimmy LI Chi HoInvestigation on Recycling Methods of wasted Non-woven Fabric Face Mask (NFM)1
2020S&TDr LO Chui ManApplications of Hydrogels in Encapsulation of Plant Extracts with Biomedical Properties3
2020S&TDr LO Chui ManInvestigation of Adsorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Compounds by Physical Gels2
2020S&TDr Michael LO Hoi ShingDistribution of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Water-Sediment-Macrophyte System of Mai Po Nature Reserve2
2020S&TDr MAK Shu LunA Study on Hazardous Chemical Emissions and Particle from Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Machine12
2020S&TDr MAK Shu LunDevelopment of smart safety evaluation system for toys and children’s products based on hybrid fuzzy entropy and the analytic hierarchy process12
2020S&TDr Ian MO Wing YinScreening suitable traditional Chinese medicines as feed supplements for improving fish health and fish productivity2
2020S&TDr Christie NG Ching ManAcidic Metal Oxides as Green Catalyst for Biofuel Production2
2020S&TDr Walter NG Wing ShuiA Systematic Review of Teacher Professional Development in Integrated STEM Education2
2020S&TDr Eric SZE Tung PoProbiotic bacteria use in lavae Carassius auratus: evidence for intestinal colonization2
2020S&TDr Eric SZE Tung PoResearch and Development of Coated Materials for Use in Face Mask12
2020S&TDr Ernest TSANG Kin WaiDevelopment of building prototypes and weather database for the mitigation of climate change in Hong Kong2
2020S&TProfessor Philips WANG Fu LeeExtraction of measureable quantitative information from large scale clinical trial text3
2020S&TProfessor Philips WANG Fu LeeInformation Extraction and Normalization from Unstructured Domain Text12
2020S&TDr Wyman WANG WeimingToward Intelligent Perception and Understanding for 3D Complex Industrial Scenes Based on Advanced Deep Learning Technologies2
2020S&TProfessor Angus WONG Kin YeungDeep learning for odor classification3
2020S&TDr Steven XU JingliangAllelopathic effect of mangrove plants on harmful algal bloom causative microalgae3
2019A&SSDr Dennis CHAU Chun YinInvestigating Language Attitudes in Digital Media: The Case of Hong Kong2
2019A&SSDr Venus CHAN Wing ManDevelopment of a mobile-based mixed reality application for interpreting learning2
2019A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingThe preparation and validation of three scales: Perceived threat to freedom 4-item-scale, perceived realness 5-item scale, and Drug attitude scale3
2019A&SSDr Edward HUNG Chor KinDeveloping Digital Advertising Ontology to Reveal the Power and User Resistance of Digital Media for the Creation of One-way, Two-way, and Customer-driven Business Communications3
2019A&SSDr Sunny LAM Sui KwongEthnographic Research of Community Health and Well Being among City Runners1
2019A&SSDr Karen LIU ShuwenReaching coastal resilience: reducing coastal flood risk by stakeholders engagement on disasters preparation and reduction, the case of Asian coastal city - Hong Kong2
2019B&ADr Kinnie CHAN Kin YeeHow does an Automated Scoring Engine Rate against Humans?3
2019B&ADr Peter CHAN Shiu FaiEmployee retirement: A literature review and directions for future study3
2019B&ADr Subramanya Prasad CHANDRASHEKARThe impact of people's early life socioeconomic status (SES) on their decisions and preferences3
2019B&ADr Dawn CHOW Yi LinCovid-19, and the role of system justification, social dominance orientation and stereotypes in affecting people’s perceptions towards dirty workers2
2019B&ADr Ray HUI Tak YinFamily-friendly work practices of small and medium sized enterprises in Hong Kong: Impacts on employee's work perception, preference and performance3
2019B&ADr LEUNG Tak YanThe impact of Diversity on Innovation3
2019B&ADr Grace OH Ga EunPreliminary Investigation of Psychological Experiences and Consumption Implications of Feeling Young3
2019B&ADr Dagnachew Leta SENBETOThe impact of environmental turbulences on resilience of the tourism industry2
2019B&ADr Karen WONG Ho YanWill the exchange-traded fall in the adaptive market efficiency? 2
2019E&LDr Eve CHEN Siu LingSupporting Chinese Learners at-risk of Learning Difficulties with the Response-to-Intervention strategies in a Xinjiang Kindergartens2
2019E&LDr Edsoulla CHUNG Hiu YuiInvestigating the role of critical reflection in teachers’ professional development2
2019E&LDr Cherry LAM Chit YuYes-no questions and answers in natural conversations: A study of Hong Kong Cantonese2
2019E&LProfessor Cynthia LEE Fong KingThe use of IT in the English classroom by pre-service teachers3
2019E&LDr Jack SHU Chi YeeScript-writing Methodology of Ethnodrama3
2019E&LDr William TANG Ko WaiDeveloping pre-service teachers' information searching skills through an information problem solving course2
2019E&LDr Hinny WONG Hin YeeA Pilot Study on Analyzing HKDSE Chinese Writing for Teaching and Learning in Hong Kong Secondary Schools2
2019N&HSDr Chad CHAN Wing NgaIs there any difference in archery performance between shooting in standing versus sitting? 2
2019N&HSDr Baljit KAURHong Kong pre-licensure student’s attitudes and willingness to work with older people: A cross-sectional study2
2019N&HSMr Gary SO Long HeiNursing students’ intention to use mobile augmented reality in learning in Hong Kong2
2019N&HSMs Bonnie TSE Po TingKnowledge, perceptions and attitudes on mammography screening among low socioeconomic status women in Hong Kong2
2019N&HSDr Timothy YAM Tsz TingThe effects of percussive therapy on postural control and muscle biomechanics in healthy individuals: A pilot study2
2019N&HSMs Cheryl YEUNG Chi YanEngaging Persons with Early Dementia and Their Family Caregivers in Advance Care Planning in the Community: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial5
2019N&HSMs Cheryl YEUNG Chi YanPromoting advance care planning in persons with early dementia and their family caregivers in the community4
2019S&TDr Oliver AU Tat SheungPersonalisation and Socialisation in Ubiquituous Language Learning: Overlapping, Discrepancy and Combination2
2019S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungThe Effect of Intrinsic Microbiome Composition of Mangrove Sediment on the Degradation Efficiency of BDE-2092
2019S&TDr CHEN JianlinA dye-assisted paper-based assay for fast and reliable detection of biotoxicity for anaerobic digestion10
2019S&TDr John CHUI Kwok TaiDevelopment of Predictive Drivers Status Detection Algorithm for Traffic Accident Avoidance2
2019S&TDr Steven CHOY Sheung OnDesign and Implementation of a Testbed for Blockchain Applications and Experimentation3
2019S&TDr Kevin HUNG King FaiInvestigation of Pupillary Dynamics using a Head-Mounted System3
2019S&TDr Tony LEE Chi ChungAll-optical logic gate in the optical network with deflection routing3
2019S&TMr Kelvin LEE Cheuk LamResearch Study on STEAM Education in Hong Kong Secondary Schools2
2019S&TDr Tony LEE Chi ChungAll-optical Logic Gate in the Optical Network with Deflection Routing2
2019S&TDr Keith LEE Lap KeiModeling Correlation of Verbs and their Verbal Arguments in Sentences using Thematic Roles3
2019S&TProfessor Fred LEE Wang FatInvestigation on the biodiversity, abundance and association of epiphytic microalgae on pneumatophores of mangrove and their molecular responses to different environmental variation3
2019S&TDr Henry LEUNG Man FaiArtificial Neural Network Based Techniques for Portfolio Management2
2019S&TIr Jimmy LI Chi HoA Study on Virtual Reality (VR) Based Training platform for Metal Casting in Jewelry Industry2
2019S&TDr Cat LO Chui ManEnvironmental Friendly Plant-based Mosquito Repellents in Encapsulated Polymers3
2019S&TDr Eric SZE Tung PoDevelopment of effective methodology for identification and quantitification of microplastics from sediment samples3
2019S&TDr Jeff TANG Kai TaiA Robust Method for Estimating the Depth Map in 360-degree Videos3
2019S&TDr Jeff TANG Kai TaiTowards an Effective Deep Learning Approach for Motion Synthesis2
2019S&TMs Fanny TANG Wai FanA Study on Dental Brace Development Using Digital Light Processing (DLP) Additive Manufacturing Technology2
2019S&TProfessor Philips WANG Fu LeeA Study of Game Learning Based on Current Pedagogical Approaches2
2019S&TDr Emily WONG Sze WanInvestigation of anti-tumor effects of Lonicera Japonicae Flos, Lobelia Chinensis Herba and Houttuyniae Herba on human malignant melanoma cell line2
2018A&SSDr Rebecca CHAN Kit YeeA study of the Creative Transformation and its Modernity of Traditional Chinese Elements in Modern Chinese Literature (1930-1942)3
2018A&SSDr Rebecca CHAN Kit YeeThe Impact of Education and the Inspiration of “Discovery of Women” in Modern China: A Case Study of Xiao Hong and Her Works2
2018A&SSDr Wayne CHAN Wing LunThe Social Capital on Social Media: Investigating its Impact on Public Perceptions of Legal Authorities in Hong Kong3
2018A&SSMs Jannel CHAN Wun HanInvestigation on the effectiveness of gamification elements in social media advertising design in Hong Kong1
2018A&SSDr HUNG Chi KumThe Hong Kong Economic Journal in the 1970’s: A Study of Its Supplements and the Culture of Hong Kong2
2018A&SSDr Karen LIU ShuwenUnderstanding Residents' Perceptions towards Country Park Development in Hong Kong3
2018A&SSDr Michael NG Chi ManComparative Study of Graduates' Employability between Natives and Chinese Immigrants: Quasi-panel Data Analysis3
2018A&SSDr Tess PAK SimMisinformation Persistence as a Function of Personal Relevancy, Emotionality and Retraction Type2
2018A&SSDr Anna TSO Wing BoEnglish vocabulary building via apps: an investigation of the effectiveness of English language learning apps for university students2
2018B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManImplementing Learning Analytics Intervention System Using Deep Reinforcement Learning3
2018B&AMs Sindy CHUNG Ka WaiAsset Specificity, SMEs Entry Mode Choice and Performance: The Moderating Roles of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Dynamic Managerial Capabilities3
2018B&ADr Ray HUI Tak YinA Relational-cognitive Perspective on E-coaching: A Multi-level Moderated Mediation Model of Self-efficacy and Leader-member Exchange3
2018B&ADr Andy KAN Chi NamHow does the shadow economy affect the real estate market?3
2018B&ADr Kevin LI Chi KeungA research study of the retirement schemes system in Hong Kong with the implementation of the permanent portfolio strategy3
2018B&ADr TIAN Vane IngIdealism, relativism, cultural dimensions and perception of ethicality of business practices3
2018B&ADr Matthew YEUNG Chi HeiTowards covering the cost of hosting Formula-E races: a dynamic panel data analysis of the impact of hosting Formula races on tourism demand3
2018E&LDr Emily GE HaoyanThe use of prosody in pragmatic comprehension by Cantonese-speaking children with high-functioning autism1
2018E&LDr Cindy LAM Man FongA Pilot Study on Acoustic Study of Tone in Eastern Min Chinese3
2018E&LProfessor Cynthia LEE Fong KingA pilot study on analyzing HKEAA English argumentative essays for learning and teaching in Hong Kong secondary schools2
2018E&LProfessor Cynthia LEE Fong KingA pilot study on analyzing HKEAA English argumentative essays for learning and teaching in Hong Kong secondary schools (2nd phase) 2
2018N&HSMs Jessie CHUNG Yuk SengThe Newly Graduated Nurses' experience of handover2
2018N&HSMs Bell FUNG Pui LingEffect of a Public-Private Partnership Primary Healthcare (PPPH) Programme for Institutionalized Children and Young Adult2
2018N&HSDr Jonathan HO Ka MingCapability of emergency nurses for electrocardiogram interpretation1
2018N&HSProfessor Linda LEE Yin KingPhysical activity in elders in Hong Kong2
2018N&HSDr Rebecca PANG Cho KwanPerceptions, experiences, and management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia among family caregivers of persons with dementia: A descriptive qualitative study2
2018N&HSMs Mavis TONG Ying TingThe effectiveness of Eat Smart Programme in promoting balanced diet among university nursing student2
2018N&HSDr WONG Suet LaiThe impact of student response system (SRS) in enhancing nursing students’ engagement in a lecture-based environment: A mixed-method study1
2018S&TDr Sidney CHAN Man NgaiDevelopment of a robust analytical method for organophosphorous compounds in waters1
2018S&TDr Sidney CHAN Man NgaiSurvey on the chlorpyrifos bioremediation capability of microalgae in Futian mangrove2
2018S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungDevelopment of NGS platform for Molecular Phylogenetics Analysis of Microbial Population in the Futian National Nature Reserve2
2018S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungInvestigation of antimicrobial effect of short chain fatty acids and related derivatives of harmful microalgae and cyanobacteria3
2018S&TDr Kevin CHEUK Ka LeungDevelopment of high performance sustainable limonene-based polyesters through solid state polymerization technique1
2018S&TDr Steven CHOY Sheung OnFood Image Recognition for Dietary Monitoring and Assessment2
2018S&TDr Crystal HAN JieDevelop image and nutrient database of packaged beverages for health management2
2018S&TDr Crystal HAN JieScientific Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment3
2018S&TDr Tony LEE Chi ChungSmart Measurement and Data Management System with IoT Technology in the Testing Laboratory2
2018S&TDr Keith LEE Lap KeiRanking Answers in Community-Based Question Answering via Semantic Context Expansion and A La Carte Text Feature Embeddings1
2018S&TProfessor Fred LEE Wang FatEstablishment of Algal Culture Collection Library from Mangrove Wetland Ecosystems in China: Relationships between Microalgal Biodiversity and Water Quality2
2018S&TDr Cat LO Chui ManChemical Analysis of Essential Oils and Applications in Hydrogel-based Devices3
2018S&TDr MAK Shu LunDevelopment of Virtual Reality (VR) Based Training Platform for Physical and Mechanical Testing Technologists in Testing and Certification Industry1
2018S&TDr MAK Shu LunInvestigation on Borax in toys and children’s products in China2
2018S&TDr Jeff TANG Kai TaiExploring the Criteria for Developing Robust and Practical Fall Detection Applications1
2018S&TDr Emily WONG Sze WanImmunomodulatory effects of Perilla frutescens and N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET) on human epidermal keratinocytes2
2017A&SSMr Anthony CHAN Yat MingFrom comics to animation: a media study of Hong Kong’s creative industry1
2017A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingNerd and snitch: A case study of prison culture in Chinese drug detention centres2
2017A&SSDr Beatrice LAM Oi YeungGraduate Attributes and Employability of Degree Programmes offered by Self-financing Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong: An Applied Research for Enhancing External Efficiency1
2017A&SSMs Janet LAU Man YingHong Kong Creative Advertising Design in the Seventies to Millennium1
2017A&SSDr YU XuyingAnti-utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction2
2017E&LDr Cindy LAM Man FongA Preliminary Study of Application of Learning Platform in Error Analysis of Acquisition of Putonghua Pronunciation for Hong Kong University Students2
2017E&LDr Jack SHU Chi YeeInvisible theatre and environmental theatre - investigation of spectators' response to problem gambling2
2017E&LDr Faye Dorcas YUNGPilot study for Research on Primary School Students' Literacy Development in Rural Cambodia2
2017N&HSMs Bell FUNG Pui LingEffect of Multidisciplinary Care Assessment Team programme in institutional child care2
2017N&HS/td>Dr Simon LAM ChingInvestigation of Compulsive Hoarding and Compulsive Buying in General Public2
2017N&HSDr Simon YAU Wing LungInnovative Provision of Medical Education: Development and Promotion of Hand Hygiene Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology1
2017N&HSMs Cheryl YEUNG Chi YanDeveloping an Anticipatory Care Planning Intervention for Persons with Early Dementia: a qualitative study2
2017S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungPreliminary Investigation in the Prevalence of Antibiotics Resistance Genes and Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria in Vegetables (Phase 1) 2
2017S&TProfessor HO Kin ChungResearch on Diversity of Phytoplankton in Victoria Habour, Hong Kong6
2017S&TDr Fred LEE Wang FatPotential Use of Molecular Biomarker for Valuable Food Products Authentication - Preliminary Research and Act as a Learning Element to Enhance Students' Research Interest in Emerging Food Testing Technology2
2017S&TDr Emily WONG Sze WanRapid and Easy Discrimination and Authentication of Different Chinese Medicinal Granules Powders by Spectroscopic Fingerprinting Analysis1
2017S&TDr WONG Yee KeungOptimization of potable water filtering efficiency by algal-nanotechnology1
2017S&TDr WONG Yee Keung“Welfeed” as alternatives for enhancement of fish quality2
2017S&TDr Steven XU JingliangThe Water Quality in Shing Mun River and the interaction with Reservoir Discharges - Development of an Experimental Model for OUHK Environmental Testing Courses2
2016A&SSDr Wayne CHAN Wing LunThe police on Facebook: Exploring the impacts on perceptions of police role1
2016A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingRituals of reintegration and drug rehabilitation: A case study of a peer education programme in Shanghai2
2016A&SSDr LAM Wai ManWhen Local Meets National: Explaining Identity Change in Hong Kong2
2016A&SSDr Anna TSO Wing BoExploring the Digital Literacy Practices of University Students beyond Classroom: Writing through Facebook and Whatsapp7
2016B&ADr Jimmy CHAN Hing TaiAn Examination of Jupsang Business Principle Among Chinese Employees2
2016B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManAnalysing and Modelling Limit Order Books for Hong Kong's Financial Markets2
2016B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManEssential features of e-book for university students2
2016B&ADr Andy KAN Chi NamEnergy Market and Stock Market: The Case of Mutual Market2
2016B&ADr Franklin LAM Sze SingA study on the interactions between native mobile and web-based learning in a multi-platform learning environment2
2016B&AMr Christophor TSUI Sai KitImpact of ESG Rating on Information Asymmetry: A Study in China Stock Market2
2016E&LDr CHEUNG Kwok WahThe Politics of Political Reform: A Review of the 2016 Debate2
2016E&LDr April LIU YiqiEFL Students' Self-directed Technology Use for Content and Language Integrated Learning2
2016N&HSMs Jackie CHAN Hoi ManRoles and Challenges of Doulas in Hong Kong2
2016N&HSMs Caroline CHARM Yee ChongPractices and evaluation of mobile learning in health-related disciplines2
2016N&HSMr Andy CHONG Chun YinPractice of Face Mask Use Scale: Cross-language Testing of Chinese and English Versions2
2016N&HSMs Hemio LAM Chung YanThe effect of a table tennis programme on motor proficiency in children with autism spectrum disorder1
2016S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungPreliminary screening and identification of antimicrobial compounds in algal extracts2
2016S&TDr Carlin CHU Chun FaiInvestigation of algal bloom prediction models on Hong Kong marine zones using unevenly-spaced data1
2016S&TDr Cat LO Chui ManDevelopment of Education Kits for Students in Learning Sustainable Technology for Sludge Waste Disposal2
2016S&TDr Douglas NG Kei ShingOptimisation of ultrasound-assisted extraction of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis by response surface methodology (RSM)1
2016S&TProfessor Vanessa NG Sin ChunUsing immersive reality in teaching fundamental nursing skills and visualizing a clinical ward environment1
2016S&TDr Mimi TIU Mei HaThe lived experience of infertility of Chinese women in Hong Kong1
2016S&TDr WONG Yee KeungDevelopment of Teaching and Learning Kits for Students to Study the Global Warming in General Education2
2016S&TDr WONG Yee KeungOptimization of culture medium for the growth and astaxanthin production of Haematococcus pluvialis1
2016LiPACEDr Kris WONG Wai NingA Pilot Study on Assessing Graduate Attributes at the Open University of Hong Kong2
2015A&SSDr Charles KWONG Che LeungFeasibility study of old age pension scheme in Hong Kong: An employee’s perspective8
2015B&ADr Kinnie CHAN Kin YeeApplication of the Many-facets RASCH measurement (MFRM) to Supporting Self-directed Learning in English Essay Writing of Business Undergraduates2
2015B&ADr Peter CHAN Shiu FaiImpact of Customer Control, Risk, Trust, Encounter Satisfaction with Electronic Service on Overall Satisfaction and Loyalty2
2015B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManAcademic Analytics in Open and Distance Education2
2015B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManImpact and Success Factors of Open Textbook2
2015B&ADr Carrie LEE Nga WanLiquidity and Cross-Cultural Differences: Evidence from Exchange-Traded Funds and Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds2
2015B&ADr Candy Liu Ya JuDoes Investor Attention Matter in International Stock Market? 2
2015B&ADr Alex MAK Han CheeDevelopment of scales to measure sustainability in HRM2
2015B&ADr Irene SIAW Siw ChuAssessment of the Standard Working Hours Committee’s Proposal to Regulate Working Hour without a Rigid Standard Framework – Is it Really Helpful to the Employees? 2
2015B&ADr Karen WONG Ho YanEnergy Market and Stock Market: Pre and Post of Doha Amendment of the Kyoto Protocol? 2
2015E&LDr Edward CHU Yuk WoInvestigating the feasibility of introducing content-based instruction (CBI) in Hong Kong primary schools2
2015E&LDr Eve CHEN Siu LingThe Intervention Efficacy of Synthetic Phonics on the Reading and Spelling Ability of English Learners with Special Educational Needs in Hong Kong Kindergartens2
2015E&LDr Jack SHU Chi YeeA study of an ethnodrama performed by ex-addicted gamblers in rehabilitation2
2015E&LDr Jack SHU Chi YeeThe Devising and Performance Process of Forum Theatre for Empowerment2
2015E&LProfessor Robin YANG Ruo WeiAnalysis of code-switching as repair in Cantonese-English bilingual children's conversation: A preliminary study1
2015N&HSMs Amanda CHAN Wan YeeAn Evaluation Study of the Application of “Comfort Room” in the Management of Patients with Emotional Problems in Hong Kong 2
2015N&HSMs Bell FUNG Pui LingSupervisory relationship of clinical placement in Hong Kong: Clinical mentors’ perspective2
2015N&HSMs Hemio LAM Chung YanSurvey on Learning Engagement of Nursing Students in Higher Education in Hong Kong 2
2015N&HSDr Simon LAM ChingAdaptation and Validation of a Student Engagement Scale for Students of Higher Education in Hong Kong2
2015N&HSMr Simon LAM ChingPredicting Nursing Students’ Academic Outcomes from their Pre-admission Qualification and Demographic Factors2
2015N&HSMs Cheryl YEUNG Chi YanA study on health volunteering among adult volunteers in Hong Kong2
2015S&TDr Keith LEE Lap KeiDesigning Instructional Videos on Business Etiquette: Familiar Faces as a Motivational Factor2
2015S&TDr Andrew LUI Kwok FaiOn improving performance of data clustering with multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for educational data mining applications2
2015S&TDr Douglas NG Kei ShingDevelopment of an Android-based smart-tablet-aided diagnosis/evaluation programme for intensity-modulated radiotherapy treatment planning2
2015S&TProfessor Angus WONG Kin YeungExploring the effects of social characteristics on routing in cognitive radio networks1
2015S&TDr WONG Yee KeungEffects of light intensity, illumination cycles, spectral composition on astaxanthin production by the microalgae haematococcus pluvialis2
2015LiPACEDr Carol POON Man WaiInnovation and social impact in higher education: Some lessons from Tohoku University and The Open University of Hong Kong2
2015LiPACEDr Andrew TANG Cheuck WingSmartphones, internet use and the relationship between executive function and the mental, physical and social health among young people: A cross cultural comparison of the United Kingdom and Hong Kong1
2014B&ADr Bobbie CHAN Yi LiCrowding in the Chinese Way: An Exploratory Study of “Joyful Noises” (Renao 熱鬧) and Its Influence on Emotional Labour2
2014B&AMs Loretta LEUNG Lai KeiA Study of Green Human Resources Management (GHRM) in Hong Kong2
2014B&ADr LEUNG Tak YanPolitical Connection and Firm Financial Performance2
2014B&ADr Alex MAK Han CheeHRM Sustainability: the Scale Development2
2014E&LMr Henry KWOK Yan ShingThe Social History of Higher Education Expansion in Hong Kong: 1978-present2
2014E&LDr Danny LEUNG Chung HongBilingual Interference: the Social and Pedagogical Origins and Consequences (Educational Studies and Applied English Linguistics) 2
2014E&LDr Robin YANG Ruo WeiBilingual Interference: the Social and Pedagogical Origins and Consequences (Applied Chinese Linguistics) 2
2014N&HSMs Jackie CHAN Hoi ManSpecificity and Sensitivity of the Score for Allergic Rhinitis Chinese Version (CSFAR) in Hong Kong 2
2014N&HSMs Baljit KAURCultural adaptation of simulation evaluation instrument2
2014N&HSDr Ivy YAU Sui YuHong Kong midwives’ perceptions on breast milk donation and establishing breast milk bank2
2014S&TDr CHAN Chin WingEnhancing the Experimental Components for Effective Learning in Foundation Chemistry and Foundation Physics Courses 2
2014S&TMr Simon CHEUNG King ChauRecommendation of hashtags in social networks as a marketing tool2
2014S&TMr WONG Yee KeungDevelopment of Teaching and Learning Kits for Students to Study the Cause and Effect of Global Change Climate2
2014S&TDr Steven XU JingliangGreening the Spaces Underneath Flyovers by Indirect Sunlight Illumination Methods – Development of an Experimental Model for OUHK of an Experimental Model for OUHK Environmental and Biological Courses2
A&SSSchool of Arts and Social Sciences
B&ALee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
E&LSchool of Education and Languages
N&HSSchool of Nursing and Health Studies
S&TSchool of Science and Technology
LiPACELi Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education
1Granted by Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust — Research and Publication Fund (Applied Research)
2Granted by the Open University of Hong Kong R&D Fund for PACRD projects
3Granted by the Open University of Hong Kong R&D Fund for pilot work for promising Faculty Development Scheme proposals
4Granted by the Health and Medical Research Fund
5Granted by the British Council
6Granted by the New World Development Company Limited
7Granted by the Sunrise Charitable and Education Fund
8Granted by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme
9Granted by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme
10Granted by the Environment Conservation Fund
11Granted by the Equal Opportunity Commission
12Supported by research donation and the Research Matching Grant Scheme
13Granted by the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff