Our research endeavours emphasize positive impacts on the community. This has resulted in significant research developments in a number of strategic areas uniquely relevant and beneficial to the development of Hong Kong and the region.


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Recent Research Achievements


Research Infrastructure

Over the years, HKMU has continued to enhance our research infrastructure by capitalizing on our strengths and expertise to develop a wide range of strategic research areas. Five research institutes and two research centres have been set up.

We focus on the fields of international business, governance, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. 

We focus on research in environmental science and advanced network technologies.

We promote and conduct research with global experts in the field of open and innovative education.

We address two major themes of policy research: housing and population ageing. 

We aim at developing effective bilingual education in Hong Kong schools.

We address the changes and new possibilities in digital culture and digital humanities.

We facilitate and support research activities of the University and coordinate projects with internal and external funding.

We promote Chinese culture through various research and scholarly activities.

The endeavours of HKMU in developing research have resulted in numerous top quality publications, and contributed to the dissemination of new knowledge and practical solutions to real-life problems. These research outcomes represent the success of the University’s research development.

The University promotes knowledge exchange through organising academic conferences and symposia in various research areas. These events bring together international experts to share latest research developments and exchange insights in relevant fields.

Research Postgraduate Programmes

HKMU is committed to nurturing research talents. Besides caring supervisors to advise on research work, we provide various kinds of support to students in Research Postgraduate Programmes. We are dedicated to assisting our MPhil/PhD students through various means to build up and broaden their research knowledge and skills, so as to contribute effectively and innovatively to the community in the future.