Early Exposure Activity

Early Exposure Activity

Sports Physiotherapy Exposure And Rehabilitation (SPEAR) Programme

The SPEAR programme serves to provide pre-season assessment, in-season rehabilitation and post-season management for the HKMU sports team. HKMU Physiotherapy students have the opportunity to attach to this programme and gain an early exposure experience in the Sports Physiotherapy field. They can observe and interact with athletes through the activities, which also help build a strong basis for later learning. And, the programme organises visit to the Hong Kong Sports Institute. There are also activities involving sports with clients having disabilities, such as sailing and boccia.  

Kelvin, HKMU Physiotherapy student

The on-field support was extremely fun and I learnt a lot from it! The activity also gave me new insights of how physios work in different settings!

Michelle, HKMU Physiotherapy student

It was such a rewarding experience to try providing on-field physio support and to learn about our professor's experience of being an on-field physio. It'd be much appreciated if similar activities can be held in the future, not only for the HKMU volleyball team but also for the other university sports teams of HKMU. Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience!

Yaffa, HKMU Physiotherapy student

Exposures to both the Boccia and Karate exercise classes for people with physical impairments were pragmatic and authentic. They helped widen my horizons and improve my communication skills which are the crux in my professional development.

Paediatric Attachment Activity

Our Physiotherapy Department has established collaboration services with a local NGO, Heep Hong Society. Students in HKMU Physiotherapy programme benefit from attaching paediatric training sessions led by our academic staff, with cases provided by Child Development Centre under Heep Hong Society at IOH. Besides, students can enjoy numerous opportunities to visit major paediatric settings, and to participate as student helpers to help children in need.

Howard, HKMU Physiotherapy student

I was impressed by how a physiotherapist utilised a variety of assessments to determine the patient's functional ability, as well as integrating fun play throughout the session to maintain patient's engagement. Apart from accurate assessment, effective communication is also important. Assessment is a complex and ongoing process, and truly begins as soon as the patient walks through the door. I truly appreciate this opportunity, and would highly recommend it!

Erika, HKMU Physiotherapy student

Volunteering at a local non-governmental organisation serving children with disabilities was a truly eye-opening experience for me. I joined hydrotherapy sessions for kids, and I observed how the physiotherapists made use of buoyancy, various techniques and equipment to help them move in water. I could see the kids enjoy doing the pool exercises, while they were making progress towards their functional goals. This is a valuable volunteering experience which strengthens my wish to pursue my career in paediatric physiotherapy!