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September 2018

A quasi-experimental study on the effect of sedentary alert function of smart bracelet on the physical activity in clerks in Hong Kong

A cross-sectional correlation study on knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) used among Chinese university students in Hong Kong

The lived experience of parents caring for children affected by Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS): A phenomenological study

Effectiveness of Zentangle practice in reducing stress, anxiety and depression level of caregivers of persons with dementia (PWD) in Hong Kong

A descriptive phenomenological study of families of elderly doubletons: The spousal caregiver's experience on caring frail elderly

September 2017

A descriptive qualitative study: The experience of visually impaired people living with guide dogs in Hong Kong

Caregiver's experiences of canine-assisted therapy on children with special needs: A qualitative exploratory study

Association between oral health status, oral health-related quality of life and malnutrition among institutionalized older adults in residential care home for elderly in Hong Kong

September 2016

Face mask use in protecting against influenza-like-illness: A cross-sectional study on adults in Hong Kong

The relationship between emotional intelligence and nursing competence among Bachelor's degree nursing students who have experienced clinical practicum


September 2014

An observational study of hand washing performance of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong

September 2013

A survey on the associated factors affecting sleep quality and the relationship between sleep quality and health-related quality of life among Chinese community-dwelling older adults in Hong Kong.

Perceived burden and coping strategies employed by parental caregiver of individual with moderate grade mental retardation.

September 2012

Stress level and ways of coping among post 50s-generation to post 90s-generation in Hong Kong.

September 2011

A survey on the prevalence of allergic rhinitis and its influence of the level of quality of life in secondary school students in Hong Kong.

How do Chinese male perceive colonoscopy?


September 2010

Physical activity among physically independent older adults in Hong Kong

Health-related quality of life among adults Tai Chi practitioners: A cross-sectional descriptive survey

Prevalence of depressive symptoms with profile characteristics among secondary school students in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional quantitative study

Programme evaluation of the Bachelor of Nursing with Honours programme at the Open University of Hong Kong

September 2009

The effectiveness of a walking programme in promoting Hong Kong senior secondary school students' daily total steps

September 2008

A survey on the patterns of polysubstance abuse among methadone attendees in Hong Kong

The effect of Chen's style Tai Chi on stress reduction in junior secondary school students


April 2004

Temperature measurement in critically-ill oral intubated adults: a comparison of pulmonary artery, tympanic, axillary and rectal methods

October 2003

To investigate and compare the maternal needs as perceived by mothers and nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit

A survey of nurses’ knowledge of, attitude about and practice on handwashing in a Hong Kong Hospital with an infectious disease unit

Patient education on the correct technique of pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) with volumatic use in a respiratory unit: Does it serve the purpose?

Nurses’ attitudes towards health promotion in a sub-acute hospital in Hong Kong

Knowledge and health beliefs in osteoporosis of elderly Chinese men in Hong Kong

Attitudes of psychiatric nurses towards the use of physical restraint in severe mental handicap patients in an acute Hospital in Hong Kong

The perception of nursing support on Breastfeeding initiation from non-experienced Hong Kong Chinese mothers

A survey of staff’s knowledge, attitude and compliance on hand hygiene in a special-need school in Hong Kong

April 2003

A survey of nurses’ knowledge , attitude and practice on hand washing

Nurses’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards the use of physical restraint in geriatric ward

A study on the attitudes of qualified nurses working in rehabilitation care setting towards nursing audit in Hong Kong

Health beliefs and practice of breast self-examination among Chinese women

October 2002

Evaluating the effectiveness of the “Nurse Call Communication System”: from patient’s perspective

The level of knowledge and the attitude of patients with End Stage Renal Disease towards renal transplantation

April 2002

The attitudes of qualified nurses towards nursing audit in an acute general hospital in Hong Kong

Emergency nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and practice towards the use of physical restraints in Hong Kong

Comparing patients’ and nurses’ perception of caring behaviours in an oncology unit

A study on nurses’ knowledge of, attitude toward and practice of handwashing in an acute-care hospital

Psychiatric nurses’ knowledge, practice and attitudes towards the application of physical restraint in acute admission wards of one psychiatric hospital in Hong Kong

October 2001

Knowledge about urinary catheters and their management: a survey on enrolled nurses in a Hong Kong sub-acute hospital

Hong Kong Chinese women’s knowledge of osteoporosis

Knowledge of breast cancer and breast screening in Hong Kong Chinese women

Investigation of the relationship between needlestick injury and knowledge and practice of universal precautions among nurses in a clinical setting

April 2001

The attitudes of nurses towards health promotion in Department of Health services in Hong Kong

Perceived learning needs of patients undergoing PTCA


October 2000

A survey of health care workers’ knowledge, attitudes and techniques on hand washing in an intensive care unit

A survey study of the nurses’ attitudes towards nursing audit in Hong Kong

The perceived causes and preventive measures of sharps injuries among nurses in an acute-care hospital

A survey on midwives’ knowledge & attitudes towards breastfeeding in an obstetric department of a regional hospital

Patient satisfaction with nursing care in an outpatient general surgical clinic

Nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards the use of physical restraints in general hospital settings in Hong Kong

A study of health care assistants’ knowledge of, attitudes toward and practice of handwashing in a regional hospital in Hong Kong

The occurrence and cause factors of back pain in operating rooms

April 2000

Nurses’ job satisfaction in the medical department of a new hospital

Hong Kong Chinese women’s perceptions of nursing support on initiation of breastfeeding

Attitudes and practice of psychiatric nurses toward the use of physical restraints on psychogeriatric patients in a mental hospital

Staff perceptions and emotional responses to challenging behaviours in mental handicap hospital in Hong Kong

October 1999

Exploration of the stress factors related to nurses working in the geriatric wards in Hong Kong

An investigation of Hong Kong psychiatric nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practice on putting mental patients under physical restraint

The stressors of the operating theatre nurses related to their ill health

Nurses’ attitudes toward computerization in clinical practice in an adult intensive care unit in Hong Kong

April 1999

A study on the relationship between interdialytic weight gain and patients’ attitudes and knowledge towards fluid restriction: a Macau experience

Nursing support during labor: a comparison of the perceptions between Hong Kong Chinese women and Chinese women from mainland China who have short stay in Hong Kong

The effect of a modified asthma education programme on hospitalized asthmatic children: a randomized controlled study

The exploration of perceptions of the immediate needs of adult family members of adult intensive care unit patients in Hong Kong

Understanding Chinese women’s experiences of childbirth with Caesarean section on request in a local private hospital

October 1998

Chinese pregnant women's perspectives on umbilical cord blood transplantation

Consumer satisfaction and perceived quality of outpatient health services

A survey study of nurses’ attitudes towards the Patients’ Charter in Hong Kong

Self-evaluation of intensive care nurses’ self-confidence and competence in caring for critically ill patients’ families

Public knowledge and attitudes toward organ donation

Patients diagnosed with gynaecological cancer in Hong Kong

April 1998

Registered nurses’ breast self-examination practice and teaching to female clients

Socio-demographic and obstetric risk factors for postnatal depression morbidity in primiparous and multiparous women

October 1997

The exploration of the important needs of parents during the hospitalization of their children of one to seven years old