Bachelor of Nursing - Introduction

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Please note that the coming 2022 Autumn term will be the last new intake for this Bachelor of Nursing programme (5-credit-unit-based). Students of this intake MUST fulfil all the graduation requirements of this programme by 2025 Spring term in order to graduate (that is, students MUST complete the programme within 3 years).

Programme Aims

The Bachelor of Nursing Programme aims to prepare students with the essential professional knowledge, skills and competence to:
  1. meet current and emergent needs of the clients, the health care system and the community of Hong Kong;
  2. think analytically and critically with culturally sensitivity for evolving into change agents;
  3. adopt a holistic approach of health to nursing practice and apply evidence-based practices in their care and professional activities.

Entry Requirements

To enter the Bachelor of Nursing programme, the applicant should have completed the Higher Diploma in Nursing (HDN) or Mental Health Nursing (HDMHN) programme in OUHK.

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Further Information

Contact person: Prof. Mimi Tiu (Professor / School of Nursing and Health Studies)
Tel: 39702960 / 39708706