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LIPACE creates value for learners at different stages of life through three decades of service

Our programmes and courses are distinguished by creativity, novelty and the creation of value for learners at different stages of life.

Among the HKMU Schools, the Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE) boasts the widest demographic of learners — its diverse offerings span the whole spectrum of fulltime post-secondary education, part-time professional and continuing education, and non-formal education. 'Our programmes and courses are distinguished by creativity, novelty and the creation of value for learners at different stages of life,' says Dean Dr Benjamin Chan. In the wider society, LiPACE plays a driving role in manpower development as one of Hong Kong's Vocational Professional Education and Training (VPET) providers. Established in 1992, LiPACE has just celebrated its 30th anniversary this year with a year-long Academic Forum Series. The topics, institutional partners and experts involved all testified to the School's commitment to education by working with like-minded peers near and far.

Creating a total learning experience for young learners

Occupying its own Kwai Hing Campus and HKMU-CITA Campus in Kwai Chung, LiPACE is fully equipped to train young school leavers in industries with good prospects, such as healthcare, applied gerontechnology, health and molecular testing, and pet care and animal assisted therapy. Beyond technical training, LiPACE's fulltime education, delivered through Diploma Yi Jin, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Associate Degree programmes, is characterised by three features: first, the provision of pastoral care by programme leaders; second, the tracking of graduates' learning outcomes; and third, the emphasis on a 'total learning experience' for students. Over the years, the School has seen many graduates articulate to degree programmes in local and overseas universities, including HKMU.

By 'total learning experience', it means enriching the formal curriculum with addons such as work-integrated learning and industrial visits, and offering students opportunities to participate in co- and extra-curricular activities. A core element of cocurricular learning at LiPACE is the Three-I Initiative — internationalisation in place, intercultural awareness and inclusiveness. This has been specially conceived to foster a sense of community among the School's diverse student body, which consists of eight nationalities and students from 16 provinces and autonomous regions of mainland China. With a Higher Diploma in Japanese Studies programme, LiPACE
also runs a specialised Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Centre, which organises various types of cultural events.

Lifelong learning for individuals, corporations and community

At the same time as it devotes itself to the education of young learners, LiPACE is determined to become people's lifelong learning provider of choice. It has developed part-time professional programmes in equally in-demand areas such as occupational safety and health, tree management, property management and elderly home supervision, as well as niche areas of interest like Chinese temple management, traditional architectural craftsmanship, teaching of Chinese operatic singing and community museum management. On a corporate level, it tailor-makes programmes to help companies and organisations promote continuous learning, increase staff productivity and improve their overall competitiveness. The School also serves the community through two flagship non-formal education initiatives — the Capacity Building Mileage Programme (CBMP) and the Elder Academy — offering women and senior citizens of various backgrounds opportunities to learn and grow.

Working with global partners

LiPACE's diverse educational endeavours are backed by an extensive network of international and mainland partners. Among them are two top Grade A and B 'Double High Level' polytechnics in mainland China, three Top Global Universities Type B in Japan, and specialist universities and polytechnics in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Finland and Canada. LiPACE is also a member of many international federations of vocational education, continuing education and elderly education. 'Building on what we have achieved, we are ready to move to the next phase of development and expand our activities into the Greater Bay Area,' remarks Dean Dr Chan. 'As our 30th anniversary motto goes, “Transforming Learners and Innovating” will be our beacon for the future.'