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CBMP Online Application Tutorial (Chinese only) https://www.hkmu.edu.hk/LIPACE/web/SASDemo/video.gifClick here


CBMP Online application Guidelines Details (Chinese only)

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  2. e-Learning courses FAQ Details

Demonstration Video on the Operation of the Student Portal   https://www.hkmu.edu.hk/LIPACE/web/SASDemo/video.gifView here

Checking Academic Results and Updating Personal Information

Starting from November 2008, the Institute has suspended the practice of sending transcripts to students by mail for environmental purposes. Instead, students can log onto MyMUHK from the Institute website www.hkmu.edu.hk/current-students , login MyHKMU to check their academic results and update personal information. The procedures are as follow :

  1. 1. For first time users, please create a personal password.
  2. Login onto the Institute website www.hkmu.edu.hk/current-students/,then follow the steps “IT Support > Singe Password Management > HKMU students”, and enter your personal information and password on the space provided. Please note that the password must consist of 6 or more letters/digits.
  3. After obtaining the password, return to the Institute website www.hkmu.edu.hk/current-students and log onto MyHKMU (located at the top right-hand corner of the page).
    Username: “s” + first 7 digits of your student number
    Password: the single password that you have created
  4. Student Portal frontpage will appear after successful login.

For any enquiry, please contact 2915 2380 (Press 1-0)