Enrollment Guidelines

Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE) Capacity Building Mileage Programme   Enrollment Guidelines  
1. Enrollment

New students who enrolled for the first time have to submit the following documents:

  • A coloured passport-size photo (1 inch x 1.5 inches) with their student name, student number, full Hong Kong Identity Card number at the back for making the student card. (For current student without an effective student card, please submit all the required documents). And;
  • a copy of the Hong Kong Identity Card.
2. Admission:

2.1 Tuition Fee

Radio Broadcasts and Face-to-face courses

  • Pay by cash at 7-11 with the QR code (See the back of prospectus); Or deposit to the “Hong Kong Metropolitan University” Account (No. 012-811-0-000007-9) in Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. Please submit the receipt (Chinese version) or deposit slip with your name, HKID no., course name and code.
  • Submit the completed application form your payment evidence or deposit slip to the course organiser. Each application form should only courses organiser by that organiser. Each payment evidence and reply slip could only be used to enroll  one course. If you would like to enroll more than one course, please pay separately. 
  • Please keep the receipt number properly with identifiable payment date and amount. Student is responsible to any receipt related issues. Original receipt might become unidentifiable due to improper storage or prolonged exposure and should be photocopied for your own record. (Copies or English receipt are for reference only and cannot be regarded as payment evidence).
  • For courses that can be enrolled online, please visit our online enrollment platform and settle the payment by credit card or PPS payment.

e-Learning Courses

  • Please use our online platform for enrollment and settle the payment by credit card or online PPS payment.

2.2 Bursary Application

Radio Broadcasts and Face-to-face courses

  • Please submit your completed enrollment form and other certificates (see Part C for the enrollment form) to the co-organisers. You can only confirm the registration after being notified of successful applications. If your application is unsuccessful, applicants will be informed in person and may choose to pay for the full tuition fee.

e-Learning Courses

  • Please send the application form and other documents by registered mail to our office.
  1. The Institute also reserves the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient number of enrolments. All affected students will be informed separately, and they can apply for either transfer or refund. Please follow the specified “Course Issues Application Form” and return back to us before the specified date.
  2. Students must pay the administration charges (i.e. HKD100/course) to the Institute 2 weeks prior to the course commencement if they apply for administration matters such as transfer or refund for personal reasons. Regardless of the success of the application, the charge would not be refunded. 
  3. Except for unsuccessful applications, course cancellation or over-subscription, tuition fees paid are not refundable.