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Women's Comission

The Women's Commission was established on January 15, 2001. Functioned as a high-level central mechanism, the Commission is tasked to promote the well-being and interests of women in Hong Kong. It plays the strategic roles of advising the Government on policies and initiatives which are of concern to women. In the light of women's needs, it reviews services delivered within and outside the Government, identifies priority areas for action, and monitors the development of new or improved services. It initiates and undertakes surveys and research studies on women's issues and organises educational and promotional activities; and develops and maintains contact with local and international women's groups and service agencies with a view to sharing experience and enhancing communication and understanding. The mission of the Women's Commission is to enable women in Hong Kong to fully realise their due status, rights and opportunities in all aspects of life.

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited ("Metro") went on air in July 1991. Metro operates three channels, namely Metro Finance (FM 104), Metro Info (FM 99.7) and Metro Plus (AM 1044). It is an all-in-one infotainment channel offering programmes of a wide range of varieties, encompassing entertainment, finance, information, music and lifestyle. With Metro, access to information is quick and simple as a snap of fingers


Our co-organisers are located in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon & New Territories and endeavour to provide community learning courses with quality and flexibility to members of the public. For details of the organizations, please go to the List of Co-organisers here (Chinese only) (PDF)。