How to Recommend a Book to the Library

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How to recommend a book to the HKMU Library?


 Your recommendations for Library purchase are most welcome!

login to the Online Book Recommendation Form or send us an email!
If you are academic staff,
    • Your recommendations via the online form will be sent to the Library directly for acquisition. Please login to send us your recommendations.
    • You should also be receiving GOBI email alerts in your HKMU mailbox every 4 weeks.  These alerts are set up by the Library covering new releases of English publications on your teaching areas. The link in the monthly emails will bring you to the GOBI platform where you could make selection of titles and send them to the Library.
    • If you are not receiving these alerts or if you want to know more about this service, please contact us via for arrangement or enquiry.
If you are students or non-academic staff,
    • Your recommendations via the online form will be forwarded to Schools or Offices of corresponding subjects for consideration and decision.
    • Please login to send us your recommendations.
If you are not our current staff or students,
    • Please send us your recommendations to the Collection Analysis & Management Section of the Library at
You may also like to refer to our Library Collection Development Policies and Guideline on Acquisition of Multiple Copies for more information.
Thank you!