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Information Technology Office Webmail Migration

Student Webmail Migration

Currently, HKMU Webmail system is running in a legacy Domino platform. The system is aging after it has been running for years. To enhance the email service, it will be replaced by the Microsoft O365 Email system in this coming Autumn term.

Followings are the Important Date of the Migration:

*s1234567 is an example of a student number 12345678

1st Aug 2022Emails sending to your webmail account (with email address s1234567@hkmu.edu.hk will also be sent to your O365 account (s1234567@live.hkmu.edu.hk)

Your O365 account will have a new email address:  s1234567@live.hkmu.edu.hk

New Students

After an activation of O365 account, Logon ID will be in the new format.

Existing Students

If you reset your O365 account password, Logon ID will be changed to the new format.

1st Sep 2022You can still be used until the end of September.If you have not reset the password in August 2022, your Logon ID will be changed to s1234567@live.hkmu.edu.hk   automatically. You should use the new Logon ID to logon your O365 account.
1st Oct 2022

Your webmail account will not receive new coming emails. You cannot compose new emails in the webmail system and your account will become read only.

You can copy the old emails in the system to O365 email system if desired.

*User guide will be provided later

O365 will be your email account.

Existing Students

Those old email addresses will be valid until:

(valid to 31st Dec 2022)

(valid to 31st Dec 2023)

End of Autumn TermThe Legacy Webmail system will be obsolete and the platform will stop in service. 


Starting from 1st Oct 2022, the legacy webmail system will become a read-only system. It will not receive or send out new emails. O365 will be your official email account.

Followings are the changes related to the legacy webmail system at 1st Oct 2022:

 Changes at 1st Oct 2022Actions required

The legacy webmail system will not receive new emails. If you still have not activated your O365 account, please do it immediately.

You have to check your emails in your O365 account.

Please access HKMU O365 page and refer the “First Time User or Reset Password” box to activate your account. You can refer FAQ #1 if you need help.
2If you have enable “email forwarding” to your personal email address in the legacy webmail system, your personal email address will be setup as the forwarding email address in your O365 account automatically.You can check or update your “email forwarding” setting in your O365 account, please refer FAQ #7.
3If you have enable “email alert” in the legacy webmail system, no more email alert will be sent out.You can enable email forwarding function in your O365 account, please refer FAQ #7.
4If you have setup mobile app to read your emails in the legacy webmail system, your app will not be able to send out emails.Please change to use O365 mobile app, please refer FAQ #13 .