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About O365

O365 stands for Microsoft Office 365. With the enrollment of the Microsoft Education Solutions, a number of Microsoft Office 365 online services are provided for the institutes. Currently, HKMU students are provided with an O365 email account as a lifelong communication channel with the University. In addition, current students with active enrolled courses are entitled with Microsoft Office software and licenses. Current students can download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office software and apps in home desktop PCs, notebooks or mobile devices for supporting study. To access email messages in Mobile phones/devices, students can install Outlook App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

About O365 Account

A special type of O365 account is required for using the O365 email or enabled the Microsoft office. The format of the O365 account for HKMU Student is:
‘s’ + first 7 digits of HKMU Student ID + ‘@live.hkmu.edu.hk
 (e.g. s1234567@live.hkmu.edu.hk)