Campus Network and Internet Connection

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About Campus Network

HKMU Campus Network is built on an Ethernet based infrastructure. It provides data communication, networking and control for PC, equipment, servers and systems connecting all campuses and the internet.
The Network is divided into 3 logical zones, namely staff network, student network and demilitarized zone (DMZ) network. The student network links up all classrooms, laboratories/computer centers, other public areas and wireless LAN. The staff network links up all offices of academic and administrative units. The DMZ network links up server farms, core network to the internet.
HKMU Campus Network supports wired connection for HKMU managed computers and equipment with access control. Students are not allowed to plug-in their own device without permission.
Please read “Terms of Use” for the proper use of network and internet connection at the HKMU Website.
Internet Connection
Two Internet links were setup at MC (10Gbps) and JCC (10Gbps). They are subscribed from separated Internet Service providers (ISPs) that provide load sharing and fully redundant internet access.
HKMU is an affiliate member of Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC). There is another 1Gbps link to Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET).