Notebook Program

Information Technology Office Notebook Program

About Notebook Program

To build up a digital learning environment, notebook program has been arranged for student and staff to purchase discounted notebook/mobile devices each year. HKMU Student Union (HKMUSU) is the host of the program while ITU is supporting the HKMUSU. All the transactions involved will be the matters between the vendors and the customers. The HKMU, HKMUSU and ITO do not have/bear any responsibility in the program. 

Brand Selection

Around April of each year, HKMUSU will launch a student survey for the brand selection. The first 3 favorable bands will then be included in the Notebook Program. 

Program Schedule

Notebook Program will normally be started in mid-August and ended in mid-October. The purchase will be processed via Online Ordering. The following is a screen capture of the landing page for the Notebook Program 2020.


Two in-campus dispatches will be arranged for student and staff to pick up their purchased notebooks (in mid-September and mid-October). Vendors can offer home delivery service and/or self-pick up services (at fixed locations with extra charge).