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About Web Content Management

The service runs on a Word Press Platform which is a web-based software system that aims to facilitate a collaborative creation of the HKMU website. It allows non-technical users to produce, publish, maintain and organize a large variety of contents with relative ease. It enables staff to:

  • Manage the contents visually with minimal user training or knowledge of IT
  • Extend your web presence to mobile devices easily
  • Maintain your web content under WYSIWYG web editor

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Provide a robust set of features for you to research, optimize, and socialize your contents
  • Allow content tagging and server-side Tag to enable SEO support for your contents
  • Built-in SEO API enables search engines such as Google to look for search terms within your contents.
  • Use Vanity URLs module to provide a set of short, human readable, and easily managed URLs to improve SEO

Keyword Search

  • Integrate with world-class Google search engine API to support search capabilities on OUHK websites
  • Use Lucene Search Engine to provide high quality, fast and relevant search results on WCM backend

Support Different Languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese)

  • Provide easy-to-use content authoring and previewing tools to simplify multilingual content maintenance
  • Excel at delivering localized content to users by rendering their native language
  • Allow visitors to switch language of contents easily


  • Regular update to keep the contents accurate and correct
  • Remove obsolete contents
  • Abide by the policies, terms of use and regulations stated in “IT Policies”.