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About University Wi-Fi

HKMU provides Wi-Fi service in all HKMU campuses including Main Campus, Jockey Club Campus, Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, Kwai Hing Campus and HKMU-CITA Campus. Wi-Fi covers all major locations including staff offices, classrooms, student activity zones and public areas. Staff, tutors, students or guests can connect their wireless devices to campus network and internet through Wi-Fi connections.


SSID (service set identifier) is used to identify the Wi-Fi network. Designated SSIDs are setup to identify various Wi-Fi networks. You have to choose correct SSID in order to use corresponding Wi-Fi service.  The SSIDs are listed below:

SSIDLocationsAllowed UsersEncryption
HKMUHKMU campusStaff/Tutor/Active Student/AlumniWPA2
HKMU-GuestHKMU campusGuestNil
Wi-Fi.HK via HKMUHKMU campusGuestNil
eduroamLocal and overseas universities – eduroamMember InstitutionsStaff / Tutor; Active StudentWPA2
Universities via CSLPublic areas – CSLWi-Fi hotspotsStaff / Tutor; Full-time StudentsWPA2
Universities via Y5ZONEPublic areas – Y5ZonehotspotsStaff / Tutor; Active StudentWPA2

Free Wi-Fi.HK Service

HKMU has joined the “Wi-Fi.HK” scheme which is promoted by Hong Kong Government. Guests (including public, retiree and visitors) can connect to “Wi-Fi.HK via HKMU” to enjoy 30 minutes session (max. 4 sessions per day) free Wi-Fi service within campus.

One-Day Pass for Guests

To support events or university's activities, Office/School may apply “HKMU-Guest” One-Day Pass. One-Day Pass is valid for 24 hours once the account is activated. To support multi-days event, multi-days event pass can also be applied. Request should be made through IT Service Desk or via IT Helpdesk at

Connect University WiFi

The configuration guide for mobile device is shown as below: