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About Laboratory/Computer Center Software

There are about 1,300 PC workstations in computer laboratories/computer centers and common areas at various campuses with a variety of Operating Systems and special application software installed to support teaching, practical tutorial and self-learning.
In addition to PC workstations, a number of iMac with graphics software application are also available in the campuses.

Notes on Laboratory/Computer Center Software

  • Since the occupancy of teaching rooms is high, PCs in the rooms may not be available for software installation during term periods. A request should be submitted before a term break so that sufficient time could be arranged for the installation during term breaks.
  • The PC location for software installation should be specified. Priorities should be provided for urgent cases where the request may not be completely fulfilled.
  • Software media and licenses should be provided. Any registration process required for the software and license (e.g. email registration) should be done and prepared by the requester (teaching staff). In addition, installation and configuration steps should be provided.
  • Since the PCs in laboratories/computer centers are setup with re-born function, the requester (teaching staff) should test thoroughly and confirm the software setting before putting them into the re-born.
  • Software will be installed as RemoteApp for flexible and quicker deployment in the Open Access Area of PC laboratories/computer centers and common areas. The requester (teaching staff) should test thoroughly and confirm the setting before putting them into the RemoteApp system.
  • Not all software could be installed successfully in PCs of a laboratory/computer center. It may be too demanding, not designed for laboratory/computer center use, or have technical limitations and conflicts with other installed software etc.