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About Staff Email

Staff Email is an official medium of communication among University members and with external parties. It is a University property that the University has sole right to administer user mailboxes, keep and transfer departed staff email to other staff members for operation use. The Staff Email system runs on Microsoft Exchange system providing mailboxes, calendars and address books functionality. Microsoft Outlook is the desktop mail client for staff to access their email in office. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a web based mail client for remote access to Staff Email. 

Exchange Email System (Official Staff Email)

Mail Quota & Archiving

The Primary mailbox has a quota of 5GB. Email archiving policy is setup to automatically move messages (over 180 days) from the primary mailbox to Archive mailbox where the emails would be kept forever (i.e. unlimited quota).  

Mobile Phone Email

Microsoft ActiveSync is our preferred method to connect to Staff Email System in mobile phone. Depending on the device type, you can synchronize Email, Contacts and Calendars.  

Other Email Systems

Google Gmail

Staff with an Exchange Email account is eligible to have the Google Gmail account (please refer to “Google Gmail”) for academic support purposes. 

Webmail for Teaching Staff

Teaching staff is eligible to have account in Domino Webmail system for an official communication with students (please refer to “Webmail for Teaching Staff”).