Shared Folders (K: Drive)

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About Shared Folders

When you login to a PC in office, a network drive (K: Drive/Shared Area) is mapped and it contains folder shortcuts to Shared Folders. If you have read/write access to the corresponding shared folders, you can store files and do file sharing.
Shared folder

Departmental Folders

Departmental Folders (for example, PAO, B&A, HRO and etc.) can only be accessed by corresponding Unit/School staff. They are only used for simple file sharing within department. You cannot set individual permission to files or create private folder. For storing and sharing of confidential documents and sensitive information, SharePoint is recommended.

Public Folder

You can upload files to the “Public” folder inside Shared Area for short-term file sharing to all University members. The files in the Public folder will be cleaned up automatically every day. Public folder should not be used for sharing of documents with sensitive information.