Secure Printing

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About Secure Printing

Secure Printing is a specialized safety and security feature that allows a user to print documents confidentially. A set of [Secure Print ID] and [Password] has to be assigned during printing. When Secure Print function is applied, the print documents will be stored in printer rather than printing automatically. Those documents will only be printed when the same [Secure Print ID] and [Password] are entered into the printer to release it.

Printing Device

Basically all the all-in-one photocopiers with hard disk installed support the Secure Print, while only some of the networked printers support this feature. Followings are the major brands of all-in-one photocopier / networked Printer that support Secure Printing in office:

 Brand All-in-one PhotocopierNetworked Printer
Fuji Xerox
Konica Minolta