Secure Email User Guide (External recipients)

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Secure Email User Guide (External recipients)

Why Secure Email?

When HKMU user sends you an email, the email typically transmits over the internet in order to be delivered. Email that transmits over the internet is inherently unsecure. Consequently, it can be read fairly easily by someone other than you. When confidential information, student information, or other sensitive information transmits by email, interception by an unauthorized person may compromise your privacy and it may violate the sending organization's internal security policies.

Because of these concerns, HKMU are implementing a change in the way we deliver sensitive and confidential email. This change will allow email to be encrypted before it is sent over the internet so that only the intended recipient will be able to open the message.

What Emails Will Be Encrypted?

The HKMU sender will make the decision to encrypt the email before sending it to you. The sender should know that either the email or an attachment contains sensitive information and thus requires encryption.

Registration in Our Secure Email System

Recipients need to register with our secure email portal. The registration process will take under a minute.

1. Receiving secure email (for recipient)

2. Reply secure email by secure reply (for recipient – optional)

3. Secure Email password management (for recipient)