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About Remote Access

On account of network security, network connections to HKMU are protected by firewalls. Remote connections from public network (the Internet) are not allowed and will be blocked by firewalls. However, forspecial or urgent support cases, it needs to allow staff to connect to HKMU systems out of campus remotely.  ITO provides a SSL-VPN channel for staff remote access. 

SSL-VPN account

To login SSL-VPN website, please input SSL-VPN account name and password as well as a token-code. The format of the SSL-VPN account is:  “vpn_” + Staff Account Name(e.g. Staff Account Name is “tester”, the SSL-VPN account will be “vpn_tester”) The SSL-VPN password is specific for your SSL-VPN account to login and it will assign randomly. 


Two-factor authentication password is required to login SSL-VPN website.  Staff is required to setup the “FortiToken Mobile” App in a mobile phone. The “FortiToken Mobile” App will be used to generate a running password (token-code) to login the SSL-VPN website. The App can be installed from Google Play and Apple Store.