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About IT Helpdesk/Hotline

ITO has set up several hotlines to handle all general IT related enquiry/problem for staff including password problem, system hanging, keyboard or mouse no response, monitor display problem, and Information Security concerns etc. For enquiry/problem which cannot be solved over the phone, a Service Request to the “IT Service Desk” will be raised or it will be re-directed to the responsible party.
A staff can also report any abnormal IT related matters, for example, phishing email, account problem and intermittent network service by email.

IT Hotline

Following is the list of IT Hotline and their service hours:
HotlinesOperating hoursTarget userService area
2768 6523Office HoursStaffStaff IT support *
2768 6524
09:00 – 21:00 daily
09:00 – 17:40 festivals**
StaffClassroom IT support

(*  )      Please call 2768 6524 at non-office hours

(**)      Festivals are: Lunar New Year's Eve and Day, New Year's Eve, The Chinese Mid-
            Autumn Festival, The Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve


IT Helpdesk Email

Please send your enquiry or problem to: