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About Information Security Training

It is no doubt that Information Security is a vital key to the operations of an organization. HKMU has set up policies, guidelines and measures to enforce Information Security. You are required to pay serious attention to Information Security during your work in the HKMU.
Any breach of Information Security may cause serious consequences to the HKMU, for examples, daily operations may be affected, image of the HKMU may be damaged, student/staff data may be lost/changed/locked, the performance of network may be degraded, the email communication channel may be blocked, etc. If a defective source (PC or server) is identified, ITO will disconnect the network and/or power of the PC or server immediately without advance notice in order to protect university's property.
To arouse IS awareness, staff training is arranged four times a year, usually around the start of a school term. Alert emails will be sent to all staff if a report of phishing email is received.