Email Alias

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About Email Aliases

 List of Email Aliases are maintained as distribution lists for sending email to large group of staff, students or tutors for specific purpose. The Email Aliases are used solely for work-related purpose and should follow the guidelines on sending mass emails. 

Guidelines on Sending Mass Emails

 To facilitate communication and information dissemination in daily work, colleagues may have to send mass emails to a large group of recipients. For proper and efficient use of the university email system, colleagues are reminded of the following guidelines on sending mass emails. 

  • Email is an official communication facility of the university that should be used for work-related purposes, instead of personal, marketing and other non-work-related purposes
  • Personal data privacy and information security should be observed in the e-mail delivery
  • The recipients' addresses should be put under BCC to avoid unnecessary replies that may incur huge network traffic
  • File attachments should be avoided as it may incur huge network traffic. A good practice is to use embedded URLs in the email message body