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About Desktop Computer & Software

Each HKMU staff is assigned with a Desktop Computer (PC) for undertaking his/her daily work. For Information Security reason, please turn off your PC before leaving the office. The PC is equipped with a standard configuration of hardware and software.


Hardware Specification

Each PC consists of a System Unit, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Hardware configuration of a PC is as follows:
CPUIntel Core i7
Hard Disk
1TB (running at RAID 1 mode – mirroring)
Drive COperating System
Drive DApplications and user data

Software Specification

Each PC is installed with the following basic software:
Operating SystemMS Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit
Basic Office Automation Software
MS Office Prof. Plus, MS Outlook,
Acrobat Reader etc.
Email client   
MS Outlook 2016
Web BrowserIE 11 (the official browser), Chrome, FireFox

About Special Hardware / Software

Special hardware and software are available for the support of teaching and daily administration works. For additional hardware/software, please submit service request via IT Service Desk. For details, please refer to “IT Service Desk”.
For example:
HardwarePenPower, webcam, USB thumb drive, etc.
SoftwareSPSS, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Create Cloud etc.


About Work-At-Home software

Work-At-Home software is available for staff to use at home for work. Staff is abiding by terms and conditions. The existing available software is listed below:
  • F-Secure (anti-virus program, for MS Windows only)
A staff can download the latest MS Office from his/her O365 account for home use, please read the terms and conditions carefully. Please refer to “O365”.
  • ITO provides no support service on home devices.

About Software Update Rights

TWO different types of user rights are assigned according to the grades of the staff:
General User          
It is for staff of general grade. Installation/Change of application or program is NOT allowed.
It is for staff of EO grade or above. Installation/Change of application or program is allowed. However, the staff should take FULL responsibility of the consequences.