Data Center

Information Technology Office Staff Services Data Center

About Data Center

Data Center (DC), a collection of well protected Server Room(s) and Wiring Closets, is one of the major core operation setup of HKMU. It is running at 7 x 24 and unmanned mode. DC supports ALL IT activities of HKMU by providing a secure area to house all the servers. HKMU has setup 4 DCs in the following campuses: Main Campus (MC), Jockey Club Campus (JCC), Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare(IOH) and Kwai Hing Campus (KHC), they are connected via delegated network with the MC as the central hub set.


Each year, a drill is carried out for selected DC in order to fulfill the requirement of IT Audit. All or part of the IT services will be affected depending on the location of the drill and announcement will be posted in advance. All important data and servers should be kept in HKMU DC for proper management and information security protection. System and data owners should make requests to ITO for installing new servers and relocating existing servers.

Environmental Control

The Followings are the environment control/setup:

  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Fire Protection System
  • CCTV monitoring System
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Access Control

Only authorized person is allowed to enter and work inside the DC. Special approval from Director (IT) is required for any site visit by non-IT work related personnel.

Handling of Exceptional Case

In case of any abnormal situation found at the server side, we will disconnect the network or the power to the problem server without advance notice or the system administrator's consent if it is believed that other IT device / resource has been affected.Followings are some examples of abnormal situation.

  • Hardware failure
  • Generation of high network traffic
  • “Attacking” other IT devices
  • Infection of virus