Account and Password Management

Information Technology Office Staff Services Account and Password Management

About HKMU Account

HKMU staff, tutors and students is provided with HKMU Account that enables them to access wide variety of computing resources at HKMU.

Staff Account

Staff Accounts are created according to the staff records maintained in HRMS where usernames are assigned, and roles are defined. With the account, you can access a range of IT applications and services. The account will be disabled upon termination of employment contract.

About Password Management

The password of a Staff Account is managed by a Single Password service. It provides one-stop password management for password creation, update and synchronization to Single Password enabled IT Services including MyHKMU, Email, OLE, eLibrary, Desktop Login, Wi-Fi, etc. When a staff changes his/her password by the Single Password Service, the passwords in the concerned IT Systems will be also updated.

Strong Password Policies

A staff is required to abide by the following Strong Password polices:
  • Single Password must be 8 to 12 of alphanumeric characters, with at least an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number
  • New password will have minimum password age of 2 days. Therefore, password could not be changed again within 2 days
  • To avoid unauthorized login attempt, user account will be locked for 15 minutes after 10 failed attempts
  • Staff should change password regularly. Notification email will be received when your password age approaches 180 days. Account will be locked when password expired