Terms of Use

Information Technology Office Policies Terms of Use


The Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) will try the very best to keep the website contents accurate, up-to-date and reliable. HKMU will disclaim against all claim, loss, damage and liability which the HKMU may sustain or incur, directly or otherwise, in connection with any use whatsoever of the contents provided in or linked to the website. You may contact the Webmaster for any queries.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Use

Legitimate users are permitted to use the electronic data from the HKMU website, the Online Learning Environment, the Electronic Library and other facilities provided by the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. However, this permission must be subject to any prevailing rules and guidelines including the HARNET policy and any applicable laws in the Hong Kong SAR.

Some examples of acceptable and unacceptable use are given below to illustrate the principle. They are by no means exhaustive and there may be other examples.

(a) Acceptable Use

  1. It is always safe to use anti-virus software to protect your computer before sending any executable file(s) and before running any executable file(s) received with an email.
  2. Username and password shall be protected by the respective owner from inadvertent disclosure to the general public.
  3. Email messages must be appropriate in type, tone and content. Use of email and the Internet by anyone must not conflict with the University’s interests nor should it be in violation of the University’s policies.

(b) Unacceptable Use

  1. Creating, transmitting, executing, or storing malicious, threatening, harassing, obscene, or abusive messages, images, programs, or materials.
  2. Sending electronic mail or program, which will replicate itself or do damage to another user’s account.
  3. Sending hoax messages or forged messages, including messages sent under someone else’s name.
  4. Violating University security, damaging University systems, or using computing privileges to gain unauthorized access to any University computer system and/or any computer system on the Internet.
  5. Promoting political or religious positions or activities unless sponsored by an official University organization with appropriate University approval.
  6. Copying or transmitting copyrighted software or other material licensed or otherwise protected by copyright.
  7. Investigating, manipulating, reading or attempting to access another user’s electronic data without permission.
  8. Posting of web pages having the official HKMU logo without the University approval.
  9. Establishing Internet or other external connections that could allow non-HKMU users to access University systems and information such as the establishment of multi-computer file systems (like Sun’s NFS), Internet home pages, FTP/SSH servers, and the like.

Placing HKMU materials on any publicly accessible Internet computers that support anonymous file transfer protocol (FTP), secure shell protocol (SSH) or similar services without University approval.

Data Ownership and Responsibility

The University reserves its right to monitor, access, use and dispose all data, whether personal or study-related, transmitted through or stored in its websites, computer network, systems, electronic storage devices and document.

  1. The electronic data includes, but are not limited to, system login ID and password, email, discussion board, newsgroup and web pages. HKMU is the sole owner of all data, which is either published by students and/or stored in HKMU information system, electronic storage and web page.
  2. HKMU cannot be held responsible for content or resources other than those developed by the University.
  3. Anyone using HKMU electronic data storage, information system and/or the Internet should realize that their communications are not automatically protected from viewing by third parties. Unless encryption is used (e.g. electronic payment or Intranets), anyone may not send information over the Internet if they consider it to be private.
  4. At any time and without prior notice, HKMU reserves the right to examine e-mail, discussion board, newsgroup, web page and so on. This examination assures compliance with internal policies, supports the execution of both internal investigations and external regulatory policing, and assists with the management of HKMU information systems.
  5. HKMU reserves the right to revoke the account for electronic learning, electronic library and the likes without prior notice. This is necessary for internal and external investigations in case of suspected offense of the University regulation of policy.

All discussion boards and newsgroups on HKMU Internet-connected computers will be reviewed and cleared periodically. This process is necessary to maintain them and to prevent anonymous exchange of information inconsistent with HKMU’s educational principal.


Any data includes personal data, which are transmitted or stored by electronic means on any electronic data or Internet access facilities belonging to or connected with the University, shall be treated in accordance with any prevailing rules and guidelines.

Consequence of Violation

Users who use electronic data or Internet access facilities belonging to or connected with the University, in a way contrary to any prevailing rules and guidelines, shall be subject to legal actions or other appropriate measure to be taken.