Computer Laboratory Regulations

Information Technology Office Policies Computer Laboratory Regulations

Computer Laboratory Regulations

1.            Admission to the PC Labs

Only active students and current HKMU staff with valid HKMU Identity Cards are allowed to use the PC Labs. The on-duty staff of the PC Labs may at any time require a user to show his or her identity as a valid user, and may require any person who fails to provide the requested evidence to leave the PC Labs.

2.           Use of the PC Labs

2.1 In addition to the clauses included in the Regulations, users must also comply with those in the “Latest Rules” when using the PC Labs. The “Latest Rules” is displayed at the entrance of the PC Labs.

2.2 Users are allowed to use only one PC at any time. No user is allowed to occupy two or more PCs simultaneously.

2.3 Any malfunction, damage or loss of any computer components must be reported to the PC Lab staff immediately. Users will be responsible for loss and damage to any components of the PCs that they are using. Users may be required to pay the full value plus the shipping and handling fees for any replacements. Lost or damaged components will continue to be the property of the PC Labs even if the replacement charge has been paid.

2.4 The PC Labs will not be responsible for any loss of user data. Users are suggested to frequently save data onto their portable storage/cloud storage.

2.5 Users should not copy any software or data from their own portable storage/cloud storage onto hard disks of any PCs in the labs. The HKMU reserves the right to erase anything copied on the PCs without advance notice. On the other hand, users should not copy anything from the servers to their own portable storage/cloud storage without the HKMU’s permission.

2.6 All PCs in the PC Labs (except those in tutorial laboratories) are available for free access. PCs in tutorial laboratories are usually used only for tutorials but may be made available for free access if found necessary.

3.           User conduct

3.1 Users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the PC Labs as described in this regulation, displayed in the PC Labs or given verbally by the on-duty staff.

3.2 Users’ right to use the PC Labs may be suspended if they are found to misuse the PC Labs.

3.3 Users will be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights in Hong Kong or elsewhere, arising from that user copying any software or data.

3.4 Users are not allowed to reserve the PCs and leave them idle. Any reserved PCs left idle for ten minutes may be taken up by other users.

3.5 Any personal items left unattended in the lab (on the seat) for more than ten minutes may be reported to and removed, without prior notice, by the on-duty staff. The PC Labs will not be responsible for any loss or damage to unattended personal property.

3.6 Unauthorized removal and/or mutilation of PC Lab resources, either in whole or in part, or any attempt to do so will subject the offender to serious disciplinary action. Also, users should conserve computer paper and any other resources.

3.7 Users are not allowed to touch any common control switches such as electrical power switches and air conditioning controls etc.

3.8 Users should enter/leave PC Labs through the designated entrance/exit unless directed otherwise by the on-duty staff.

3.9 At the request of the on-duty staff, a user should display personal belongings for inspection at the PC Lab exit. A user may be required to show the contents of his/her bags, cases or other containers.

3.10 Users should not behave in a manner that is likely to disturb other users. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the PC Labs. Silence must be observed within the PC Labs and adjacent areas.

3.11 Viewing obscene material on the computers in the PC Lab/Computer Centers is not allowed. (If you need to do so for academic research or study, please prior submit written application to ITO. Special arrangements will be made if feasible.)

3.12 Users should take away all their belongings and any items they do not want, such as paper, when they have finished using the PCs.

3.13 Games of any form is not allowed unless you need to do so for academic research or computer game design study. The on-duty staff of the PC Labs/Computer Centres may at any time require a user to provide information of the academic research or study (e.g. student ID & course code).