Service Pledge

Information Technology Office Outreach Service Pledge
CategoryResponse TimeCompletion Time
Normal Services  
New account creation1 working day2 working days
User Request ( written )1 working dayDepends on nature
User Request (TS Workflow)1 working dayDepends on nature
Helpdesk ( email )2 working daysDepends on nature
Helpdesk ( hotline )Within 30 minutesDepends on nature
Network Outlet Repairs1 working day1 working day
Systems availability (Hardware)99.95%99.95%
Systems availability (Network)99.99%99.99%
Desktop Support Services  
Desktop Operating System1 working day3 working days
Applications1 working dayDepends on nature
Software testing and installationWithin 1 weekDepends on nature
Network software3 working daysDepends on nature
Hardware Support  
Replacement of Monitor, Keyboard and mouse1 working day2 working days
Replacement of faulty hard disk, motherboard and power supply1 working day2 working days
Installation of CD-ROM, Secondary Hard Disk1 working day2 working days
Set up a new office PC or Notebook1 working day3 working days

 Note: The Response Time is included in the Completion Time