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Information Technology Office Anti-Spam Service User Guide

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HKMU Anti-Spam Service User Guide

Anti-Spam service (Green Radar grMail) is a cloud-based mail-filtering solution. In HKMU, incoming email messages pass through Green Radar. The filter looks for certain message characteristics and performs actions on the message when these characteristics are found. If spam probability, virus or spoofing is found, the incoming email message is quarantined and does not deliver to users.

Users will receive quarantine report email notifying you a summary of quarantined messages. You can preview the message to check the quarantine reason and email content, release the message directly from the quarantine report email if you confirmed the quarantined email is trusted.

Alternatively, the End User Web Interface (Link: ) provides users with an additional interface to manage their quarantined messages, and personal allowlist or blocklist.

How to Login the End User Web Interface?

You need to register with your email address and assign a password in order to login Green Radar portal (

  1. Click Create New Account to register a new account
  2. Enter the email address (shown in the subject line of your received quarantine report email) and the password you desired
  3. Click Next
    (Note: If it displays “user already exists”, you should follow Forgot password procedure to assign the login password)
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox, please click the confirmation link and you will be able to log in to the portal interface

What to do if I forgot my password?

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Forgot password? Button
  4. Enter your email address at “Forgot your password?” screen
  5. Click Reset Password button
  6. You will receive a password reset email
  7. Click the Reset my password button inside the password reset email
  8. Enter the new password
  9. Enter the new password again
  10. Click Confirm button

How to find my quarantined emails?

  1. After you have successfully log in to the portal interface, you can check your own email records to see if any emails are being captured by Green Radar grMail. Below are the steps to search your emails.
    Navigate to General > Inbound Mail Trace
  2. Select the Status of the emails on the left panel
  1. Delivered: Emails that passed through all the security filters and were successfully delivered to your organization's mail server
  2. Quarantined: Emails that are detected as spam or malicious by Green Radar grMail and quarantined. You will not receive Quarantined emails in your mailbox
  3. Released: Emails that previously being Quarantined but later released to your mailbox
  1. Click Advanced Searching and search the desired email using different filters
  1. Date Range: Datetime interval of the email being received by Green Radar grMail
  2. From: Email sender address
  3. Subject: Email subject

How to preview my quarantined emails?

After locating the quarantined emails, you may preview the email content before deciding on the next action.

  1. Navigate to General > Inbound Mail Trace
  2. Locate the email using Advanced Searching
  3. Click the Preview button

  1. Click the Mail Body tab

How to release my quarantined emails?

If you have confirmed the quarantined emails are legitimate conversations, you may release the email to your mailbox.

  1. Navigate to General > Inbound Mail Trace
  2. Locate the email using Advanced Searching
  3. Click the Release button

How to add my own personal allowlist or blocklist?

Green Radar grMail provides an interface for users to manage their own personal allowlist or blocklist setting for bypassing filtering. Below are the steps to add your own allowlist or blocklist entries.

  1. Navigate to Inbound Mail > Personal List > Allowlist / Blocklist
  2. Enter the allowlist/blocklist email address entry inside the Search or Add field
  1. Click the Add button