Temp and Part Time Staff

Finance Office Private: Staff Pay Day Schedule Temp and Part Time Staff

Scheduled Pay Dates for 2021


Payroll Period

Full-Time Staff

Part-Time / Temporary Staff
Jan 2021 28-JAN-2021 5-FEB-2021
FEB 2021 25-FEB-2021 5-MAR-2021
MAR 2021 29-MAR-2021 7-APR-2021
APR 2021 28-APR-2021 7-MAY-2021
MAY 2021 28-MAY-2021 7-JUN-2021
JUN 2021 28-JUN-2021 7-JUL-2021
JUL 2021 29-JUL-2021 6-AUG-2021
AUG 2021 27-AUG-2021 7-SEP-2021
SEP 2021 28-SEP-2021 7-OCT-2021
OCT 2021 28-OCT-2021 5-NOV-2021
NOV 2021 26-NOV-2021 7-DEC-2021
DEC 2021 29-DEC-2021 7-JAN-2022


1. Staff members who have commenced or terminated service with the University during the month will be paid separately and not follow the scheduled pay dates listed above.

2. For staff with employee self-service (ESS) account, they can download the payslip via ESS

3. For staff without employee self-service (ESS) account, payslip will be sent by mail.

4. To update bank account information, please complete the form “Request for Update of Bank Account Information” and send to Payroll Section of Finance and Facilities Management Unit.