Internal Services

Facilities Management Office Services Internal Services

Facilities Management Services

  1. Activation/ De-activation of Staff Access Card (Form)
  2. Application of Temporary Staff Access Card (Form)
  3. Request of Key (Form)/ Return of Key (Form)
  4. Disposal of Confidential Documents (Form)
  5. Labour Support Services (Form)
  6. Request for Store Room / Access to Off-campus Store Room (Form)
  7. Temporary Parking Space (Form)
  8. Loan of FM Stock Items [i.e. Fan/ Air Purifier/ Dehumidifier] (Form)
  9. Loss and Found 
  10. Communal Areas Booking

Works and Maintenance Services

  1. For request of works and maintenance services, please complete and return the Work Request Form to Hong Yip via email(
  2. (a) Defect Rectifications
    (b) Minor Works
    (c) Extra Air-conditioning/ Lighting Services
    (d) Telephone Line (Traditional PABX/ Direct/ Fax) Services
  3. For request with potential budget over HK$20k, please submit AA&I Request Form.​

  4. For request of new space or space relocation, please submit Space Request Form.

  5. For request of pool office space, please submit Pool Office Request Form.

Administration, Mailing & Office Transport Services

  1. General Circular Issuance (Form)
  2. Postal Services (Form)
  3. Permit Mailing Services (Form)
  4. Courier Services (Form)
  5. Official Transport Services (Form)
  6. Loan of Mobile Telephone (Form)
  7. Loan of Audio-conferencing System (Form)